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Census records (Volkszählungen)

Research use: Provides information that helps establish family relationships and linkage.

Record type: Enumeration of population.

Time Period: 1700-present.

Content: Names of family members (and sometimes of servants), ages or birth dates, places of origin and residence, occupation of parents and sometimes of children.

Location: In city and state archives.

Population coverage: 10%. A few local and regional censuses were kept before 1920. National censuses are much more recent.[1]

The first census in the Austrian Empire was taken in 1754 under Maria Theresia, because of resistance by the nobility and clergy  the next census was not taken in the Austrian Empire (without Hungary) until 1869, 1880, 1890, 1900 and the last census in 1910.  One can find there statistical information about number of inhabitants and houses per village/town -- but NO NAMES of individuals.

During the First Republic a census was taken in 1923 and 1934.  While annexed to Germany a census was taken in 1939.  Since 1945 (Second Republic) a census has been taken every 10 years beginning in 1951.

Population registers of residents, moves and arrivals (Einwohnermelderegister)

Research use: Records identify family members, relationships, provides linkage information, places of birth of parents, previous residence.

Record type: Registers of current residents, registers of new arrivals and those requesting moves in a community and registers of those with specific occupations such as domestic servants, tradesmen, laborers, etc.

Time Period: 1798-present.

Content: Names of residents, new arrivals and those requesting moves in a community. Includes birth dates, birthplaces, names of parents, names of spouses, names of children, names of relatives, previous residence, dates of removal and arrival, current residence, occupations, and citizenship status.

Location: Town offices. Some city and state archives.

Population coverage: 40%.[1]


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