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Source: 1880 US Census: Enumeration District 6, Precinct 1, Elizabethtown, Colfax, New Mexico. 21 June 1880.

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Aramio, Domingo, 1846, Miner, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Irma?, 1855, New Mexico;

?Hunt, Oscar, 1841, Lawyer, Indiana; Sarah, 1847, Massachusetts; Noland, Joseph, 1844, Cattle Raiser, Missouri;

Martin, Andrea, 1830, New Mexico; Nacimiano, 1875, New Mexico; Jose, 1875, New Mexico;

Martin, Santiago, 1835, Laborer, New Mexico; Candalaria, 1845, New Mexico; Policarpio, 1870, New Mexico;

?,  Perfilia, 1873, New Mexico; Norverto, 1876, New Mexico; Miralda, June 1879, New Mexico;

McLaughlin, William, 1810, Laborer, Ireland;

Noland, Joseph, 1844, Cattle Raiser, Missouri; Thomas L., 1860, Cattle raiser, Missouri;

              Anna, 1873, Missouri;

Nutt, Anna, 1822, England; Fannie E., 1857, New Hampshire; Lewis, 1854, Lawyer, New Hampshire;  

Pascoe, Elizabeth, 1826, Cattle Raiser, Kentucky; Jennie, 1864, Colorado; Liddie, 1866, Colorado; Lielie 1866, Colorado;

Reese, Thomas, 1843, Miner, Wales;

Rival, Maria, 1840, New Mexico; Cristobal, 1862, Miner, New Mexico; Jose Nais, 1864, Miner, New Mexico;

?, Josefa, 1866, New Mexico; Juan, 1868, New Mexico; Paolo, 1872, New Mexico;

Sandobal, David, 1836, Miner, New Mexico; Juanita, 1855, New Mexico; Miguel, 1870, New Mexico; Jose, 1877 (NM);

Sandobal, Jose, 1830, Miner, New Mexico; Francia, 1835, new Mexico;

Scully, James, 1843, Farmer, Ireland;

Solano, Juan Ig., 1850, Miner, New Mexico; ?ilacia, 1858, New Mexico; Adela, Aug 1879, New Mexico;

Stephens, George, 1857, Laborer, Indiana;

Tafolla, Juan, 1835, Miner, New Mexico; Rieta, 1840, New Mexico; Juan 1861 Laborer, New Mexico; Francisco 1870 (NM);

                                             Marcimiano, 1875, New Mexico;

Trujillo, Jose Albino, 1857, Servant, New Mexico;

Trujillo, Julian, 1850, Miner, New Mexico;

Vaughn, William, 1855, Laborer, Indiana;

Wilt, William, 1854, Lawyer, Tennessee;

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