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Things YOU can do

White River in northern Arkansas
Arkansas Genealogy Topics

  • Edit Wiki pages
  • Give ideas
  • Post new records
  • Add and fix links
  • Search for items to add
  • Get training

Be the moderator for Arkansas for the next 6 months! Contact the Support Team for details.
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The purpose of the Wiki is to help people—beginners and experts alike—with genealogy and family history research.

The purpose of this "Help Wanted" page is to:

  • Capture and apply YOUR suggestions and ideas
  • Help you add to the Wiki by:
    • Connecting you with guided projects
    • Setting patterns to follow by yourself
    • Identifying what is needed
    • Providing training

Make suggestions for the Arkansas wiki

Do you have ideas to make the Wiki information clearer? Is there something you would like to add or update?

Add your ideas below or use a form to submit content. Any and all ideas and comments are welcome.

Completed suggestions:

  • Done: Create a page for Arkansas Migration. It would include trails, railways, rivers, canals. It would be nice to see ways my people may have gone in and out of Arkansas.

Things You Can Do

  • Update existing pages
  • Add wanted pages
  • Search for items to add
  • Reformat pages for 2014 upgrade
  • Specific county pages
  • Maintenance


Add links to the cemetery chart so that the information is specific for each county. User:Gbo17 13 August 2014 (UTC) Have finished with 1st assignment, will do next assignment when directed.

Update Existing Pages

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  • Communities in the county. Having the list of communities in each county will be helpful for users, especially when they know the town, but not the county.
    • If you want an example to follow, see User:AdkinsWH/Sandbox Co format 2
    • 1) Copy names of towns and communities in the county from Wikipedia to the Excel file
      • Excel file (Wilma: find a place for the master to reside)
      • Please DO NOT create Wiki pages for these: exception: County Seat(s).
    • 2) Make one link to the county in Wikipedia, using the template in this manner:

{{Wpd|Johnson County, Arkansas#Communities|disp=Johnson County, Arkansas Communities}}. Which gives this link: Johnson County, Arkansas#Communities

  • Create the history timeline on the county home page (2014 format)
    • This has been started for some AR counties.
    • Use a county history or glean from the history area of each county and town in Wikipedia
    • List year first, then month and day to make it easier for users to glance down for the years they need.
    • List events that had an impact upon:
      • Records, such as wars which created records, natural disasters that destroyed records
      • People. Perhaps a railroad or canal, that affected migration to/from the county.
      • Other major events will be appreciated, bearing in mind that users may avoid too long a list.
    • Please reference the source using <ref> and </ref> codes.
  • These suggestions can be done for every county in Arkansas.
    • Add links and information about records to topics for your county
    • Add the county seat page
    • County histories section of each county
    • State, county, and town histories often contain biographical sketches of local citizens, including important genealogical information. This may be one of the best sources of information for some families. For histories with several biographies, mention it under both History and Biographies.

Wanted Pages

A "Wanted Page" is a page that doesn't yet exist, but someone created a link to it, showing that they want a page on that topic created. For online classes to learn how to create a new page or wiki article click here: [a Wiki Article], [Searching for and Creating Articles.

Follow the red links below to create a requested Wanted page:

Search for items to add

  • Repositories - what's in a repository of genealogical interest for Arkansas?
    • Be more specific (under the appropriate state/county topics) about what they have for AR, unless they are adequately described in Arkansas Genealogy Local Resources
    • Arkansas History Commission
    • Downtown Branch Central Arkansas Library System
    • Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives
    • University of Arkansas
    • National Archives Southwest Region (Ft. Worth
    • Dallas Public Central Library

  • Glean Arkansas items from's Catalog and post them to the state or county under appropriate topics. Done by User:Gbo17, June 2014. How to do it

Reformat pages for software update

The Wiki Content Team is in process of doing the Arkansas state and county pages into the new format. Depending upon when the release, completion expected August, 2014.

Specific counties

These are county-specific suggestions, although some may be useful for all counties.

  • Johnson County, Arkansas Genealogy Local Resources 1) Get links to County Clerk and other offices mentioned under Courthouse. 2) add the information given there to the appropriate topics. 3) do we think this info should remain under Courthouse and duplicated under the appropriate topics, or removed from Courthouse?


Volunteer Wiki
FamilySearch Wiki Needs Volunteers to Help

Everyone knows at least a little bit about something or someplace. The information you contribute could be exactly what someone else needs to connect with or add to their family history.

These projects, once understood, are easy

Meet and Talk

Other Wiki projects

If there are other areas of the FamilySearch Wiki you would like to volunteer for, we have a Wiki Help Wanted page that lists additional projects and areas where help is needed.

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