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The simplest way to translate images (and understand translated images) is by using call-outs, as you can see in this sample image:
Argentina, Buenos Aires, CCR baptism.jpg

To provide translations for the sample image by using Microsoft Word, follow these instructions:

  1. Save the picture onto your computer, then open up a Word document
  2. Go to the insert tab and choose picture
  3. Choose the image you want to translate
  4. Once the picture is in your Word document, you'll go back to the insert tab and choose shapes
  5. Choose one of the call-out shapes and place it above information that is pertinent for genealogical research, such as event location, event date, name of the person, etc.
  6. Write the translations inside the call-outs
  7. If you think additional translations would be helpful for this record, please add them at the bottom of the word document

Please email the document with the finished translation to

Your contribution will be a great benefit to those searching for their ancestors without the language skills necessary to read the records. Thank you for your help!

For a list of all articles currently needing image translations see articles needing image translations.

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