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The Faeroe Islands is an island group, an integral part of Denmark, in the North Atlantic Ocean. Vikings found the islands in the early 800s, drove out some Irish monks, and settled the islands. The Faeroes were part of Norway until the latter part of the 14th century, after which they were held jointly with Denmark, which became sole owner in 1814. Denmark granted them a restoration of their old local legislature in 1852. Rising nationalism in the 1800s fostered a desire for independence, this increased during the second world war when Denmark fell to Germany. Great Britain established a protectorate over the islands in 1940. After the war, however, the islands were granted only self government under the authority of Denmark. In 1948 an agreement was reached whereby the Faeroes exercised local autonomy. Under home rule, the Faeroe Islands have extensive autonomy in matters of the economy and trade. Two Faeroese representatives sit in the Danish legislature. Foreign relations remain under the control of Denmark.[1]



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