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Thomas, Bryan. An Interesting Gravestone.  Information on a gravestone in Ysceifiog church yard, the parish register and Hawarden Record Office enabled author to produce a four generation family tree, Surnames are Hughes, Bulkley, Jones, Mathew and Thomas. Article covers years 1753-1896, to be found in the journal called Hel Achau, #2, winter, 1980 pages 23-24, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Jones, A. H.  Jones? Which Jones.  Gives a list of Sem/Shem Jones with birth date, parents and residence, 1814-1847.  Also covers Conway Parish. Article in Journal, Hel Achau, #3, spring, 1981. page 7. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

The Ancient British Fencible Cavalry 1794-1800. A brief history of the British Fencible Cavalry with a list of Officers who served with the Regiment, covering years 1794-1800. Article in Hel Achau, #3, Spring 1981, pages 21-24, Family History Library Ref. 942.23 D25h

Roberts, Iwan. An Unususal Source of Information on Families in Mostyn in 1889.  The article details about an essay of what happened to over 100 families who were dispersed when the Darwen and Mostyn Ironworks Co. Ltd. was closed in 1889.  There is an example of 3 of the family entries, by the surname of Lancaster, Hughes, and Roberts. Folk are advised to contact The Clwyd Family History Society, for a full copy  of the essay.  Clwyd Family History Society. 17 Parc-y-Llan, Llanfair D. C. Ruthin, Clwyd, Wales.  Article in the Journal Hel Achau, no. 6, May 1982, page 16. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h.

Williams, W. Alister.  Further Notes on the Survivors of The Light Brigade.   Two survivors are discussed.  Thomas Ryan cannot be verified and remains a mystery.  Edwin Hughes was the last survivor and his story illustrates what information can be obtained from the Military Archives.  This article also extends into Lancashire, Blackpool, and Warwickshire, Birmingham. Dates range from 1854-1927.  Article in journal Hel Achau, no. 7. August 1982, pages 8-10, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h.

Griffiths, Mrs, Joan Batten.A brief discussion of a Cornish family history in Denbigh.  They have been entering Denbigh registers as Barton, Batton and Batten. Article covers years 1760-1940, to be found in magazine, Hel Achau, no. 8, Christmas, 1982 page 3. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h.

 Thomas, Bryan.  Missing Baptism Found by a Latter Day Saint,  Tracing Robert Davies and his siblings through Census and Church Records and finally the International Genealogical Index.  Illustrated with a photo of Robert Davies 1823-1870. Article in Hel Achau no. 9, 1983 pages 19-20, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Young, Dorothy Profit.  The Family of Prophet, Proffitt, Profet.  A discussion of the Profit family illustrated with photographs of Dorothy Profit and George Profit holding Dorothy Profit Young.  A family tree is included, covers years 1675-1974.  Article in Hel Achau, no. 15, Spring, 1985 pages 5-7, Family History Library Ref. 943.93 D25h

Trevor, Alun.  The Wireless and Welsh Music in the Twenties.  A discussion of a broadcast of Welsh music on 1 June 1928 from Dublin.  Included are photograpsh of Jabez Trevor, 1927 and John Foulkes and Jabez Trevor. 1923. Article covers years 1858-1968.  Article in Hel Achau, no. 24, Spring 1988, pages 5-7. Family History Library Ref. 943.93 D25h.

Davies, Alex.  From a Welsh Bible.  From a Welsh Bible, two family trees have been constructed; one for Thomas Hughes, 1739-1803 and his wife Mary Percy 1752-1829; and one for Edward Roberts of Cilnant and his wife Mary Jones of Tynrhyd.  Article covers years 1739-1889, in Hel Achau, #15, Spring 1985, page 16. Family History Library Ref. 943.93 D25h

Cocking, Edna. The Teggins of Ewloe Barn. A discussion of Ewloe Barn and marriage extractions from parish registers and families from the censuses. Illustrated with a hand drawn map of Ewloe Barn in 1757. Article covers years 1660-1950, in journal Hel Achau, #25, summer 1988, page 5. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Jones, Arthur H.  The Monumental Morrises of Mwrog Street.  A discussion of the Morris Family with Richard and Ann at the head.  Illustrated with a Morris  family tree covering places  Llanfair, Talhaiarn, Llansannan, Llanfwrog, Ruthin, and Corwen from 1761-1957. Hel Achau, #25, Summer 1988, pages 11-14, Family History Ref. 942.93 D25h.

Wynne-Woodhouse, Bill.  And All My Bones Are Rotten.  Old family Bibles are being held by a book dealer in the Denbigh area and the entries are being salvaged.  Some entries have been translated in this article and a facsimilie included.  Pages have been deposited in the Hawarden Record Office.  Article covers years 1766-1828. Article in the journal, Hel Achau, #26, Christmas, 1988. pages 30-33. Family History Ref. 942.93 D25h

contributed by Roberts, E. T.  They Built Plas Nantglyn.  This is a photograph of those who took part in the erecting of Plas nantglyn, the home of the Wynne-Edwards family. Pictured from left to right: front row: Evan Evans,  Tan-y-Fron (stone mason), Elias Evans, Tan-y-Byn Bach (stone mason), Henry Stanley Hughes, Denbigh (plasterer) William Jones, Pentre Cader (labourer), Owne Hughes, Tower Terrace, Denbigh (labourer).Robert Owen, B on-y-Waen (stone mason) Evan Evans, Waen Dilen (labourer).  Second row: Robert Hugh Roberts, Pen-isak Llan (labourer) John Hughes, Denbigh (brick layer) Mrs Wynne-Edwards, Col. T.A. Wynne-Edwards, Dafydd Williams, Ddol Bychau (stone mason), Owen Hughes, Swine Market, Denbigh (stone mason) John Ellis, Brookhouse (labourer), Dafydd Evans, Clwt Bylchau (labourer), Thomas Roberts, Felin Newyd (Pare-Maes) labourer.  Back Row:William Ellis, Panton Hall, Denbigh (joiner), George Williams Denbigh (joiner) Owen Jones, Henllaa (joiner) Benjamin Richards, Waen Glythau (joiner) thomas Evans, Nant Gwyn, William Thomas, Denbigh (plasterer) John Evans Pen-y-Fford Gwaenyhog (stone mason) Joseph Roberts, Denbigh, (stonemason), William Lloyd Edwards, Fron-Y-Glyn (joiner) Richard Roberts, Denbigh (plasterer) Owen Hughes, Castell-y-Waen (labourer).  Article covers years 1903-1973. in magazine Hel Achau, #27, Spring 1989, page 4.  Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Kane, Ronald W.  The Family of the Blue Boy, The Buttall Family of Wrexham and London.  Jonathan Buttall 1742 was the model for Thomas Gainsborough, "Blue Boy".  This article traces the family to London and back to Wexham.  Illustrated with a photograph of Grove Park School, Wrexham, 1873 incorporating James Buttall's house. Article covers years 1661-1826, in the magazine, Hel Achau, #27, spring 1989. pages 3-5. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h.

Rees, Nesta.  When the Parry Saints Went Marching Out.  The aurthor traces the John Parry Family from Newmarket to Salt Lake City. Family trees illustrate the article and a picture of a headstone, saying John and Harriet were born in North Wales.  Article in Hel Achau, no. 29, Christmas, 1989, pages 22-25.Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Roberts, Llech, Llanrhaiadr and Fron Yw, Llandyrnog.  This photograph shows Griffith Roberts, 1808-88, his wife Harriet, 1814-83, and their daughter Catherine, 1856-1922. appears to have been taken in the 1870s. Photograph in Hel Achau, # 29, christmas, 1989, page 29, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Jones, D. Elwern.  Thomas Hughes, 1819-1891, Ivy House, Colwyn Bay, a Pioneer of Methodism.  A brief biography of Thomas Hughes, sone of Hugh Hughes of Plas Iorwg, Maenan, Llanrwst. Article covers years 1819-1892, of Colwyn Bay.  Article in Hel Achau, #30, spring, 1990, pages15-16, Family History Library Ref. 942.93D25h

Morgan, Andrew.  Dr. Robert Jones and all That ....Or the Pips that Squeak.  The continuing saga of Dr. Robert (Robin) Jones 1747-1821 and some of the family.. Article says that his younger brother John also becomes a surgeon and apothecary in Denbigh. Article covers years 1747-1839, Hel Achau, #30, spring 1990. pages 17-19. Family History Ref. 942.93 D25h

Burke and Hare in Ruabon, 1961.  From the Wrexham Leader, 5th May, 1961.  This is a list of names notifying intended removal of human remains and Monuments or Tombstones from the Churchyard at Ruabon, published in the Wrexham Leader.  Hel Achau, #30, Spring, 1990. page 20, Family Hitory Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Davies, Martin. Cerrig-Y-Drudion7s Veterans.  A picture and list of names of men and three women from Cerrig-Y-Drudion who served in the 1939-45 War at a reunion in 1946. Hel Achau, #30, spring, 1990 page  21. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Hughes - Glynceiriog. A Letter From Angela m. Downs, Paris.  A family tree is given for Edward Hughes 1760-1806 and Jane Morris 1757-1823. A discussion of the family and their activities. Article in Hel Achau, # 31, Summer 1990, pages 4-5, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h.

Pearman, Anne. The Third Fleet Convicts: a Review and Digest. A discussion of the third Fleet of convicts to Australia, giving a list of the Ships and a list of convicts from Cheshire, Denbighshire and Flintshire.  The list of convicts gives name, sentence date, ship and sentence.  Article covers years 1787-1790. Hel Achau, #31, summer 1990, pages 11-13, 942.23 D25h

Daniels (nee Davis), Katherine R.  William Davis - Schoolmaster and Author.  The author has researched her ancestor William Davis, son of William Davis, Excise Odfficer retired, in Llanrhydd, covering years 1796-1868, Hel Achau, #31, summer 1990, pages 19-20 Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Griffith, David.  Lost and Found: One Large Family. David Griffith learns of his great-grandfather, clockmaker and bard, David Griffith of Abergele.  Illustrated with a photograph of Clwydfardd, a facsimile page of his Will and a facsimile page of the probate.  Article covers years 1775-1987 and is in Journal, Hel Achau, #31, Summer 1990, pages 28-30. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Clwyd, Hafina.The Bryntangor Family.  A description of a family reunion celebrating the union of Hugh Hughes, 1860-1937 and mary Hughes 1855-1914.  a family tree is given. Illustrated with a photograph of the family in 1911.  Family is identified as Elizabeth hane, Leuan, Robert, Olwen, Eurwen. Members of the family at the reunion were photographed but not identified. Article covers years 1826-1990,Hel Achau, # 32, January 1991. pages 3-6. Family History Ref. 942.93 D25h

Proffit, A.E. I'm a Proffitt...or a Prophet?  The author traces John Proffit, stonemason of North Wales, to Canterbury to positions of influence in several King's Courts, covering dates 1325-1473, in Hel Achau, no. 32, January 1991, pages 13-16, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Proffit, A.E. Thomas Proffit of Gronant, 1714-68.  a time line of Thomas Proffit, his three wives and eleven children. Hel Achau, #32 January 1991, page 21, 942.93 D25h

Wolff-Vorbeck, Betty and Wynne-Woodhouse, Bill.  The Welsh Tea Party. There is a photograph on the front cover of Hel Achau of a Welsh Tea Party, Left to right: Edith Mary Hughes, Cordelia Davies, Cissie Davies, unknown.  Then in the magazine, there is an article explaining about the Welsh Tea Party, and on page four, there is a family history of the Bowen Family of which the Hughes and Davies are connected, ranging in date 1804-1950. Hel Achau, #33, April 1991, front cover, and pages 3 and 4. Family History Library Ref. 942.43 D25h

Jones, Brian.  Where Have all the Joneses (and the Parrys) Gone.  A Family Tree is given and explained beginning with William Parry 1822 and Sarah Davies 1799-1836, and John Jones and Arabella, 1800-1870, of Holywell and Bagillt. Article in Hel Achau, #33, April, 1991. pages 9-11. Family History Ref. 942.43 D25h

Wynne-Woodhouse, Bill.  Female Will Power.  The Will of Elizabeth Higgons, Llanerchrugrog, Ruabon, made 21 October 1805, with a codicil, 10th Nov. 1807, was proved 5th July, 1811 at St. Asaph. There is a list of 107 people altogether, named in this Will. Elizabeth higgons was a spinster. Article in Hel Achau, #33, April, 1991, page 22, Family History Library Ref. 942.43 D25h

Cover photograph of Archdruid Clwydfardd 1800-1894. cover of journal Hel Achau, #31, summer 1990. Family History Library Ref. 942.43 D25h

Tilston, Jeremy. The Tilston Family of llay Smithy 1661-1991 [part one 1661-1704] A description of research done on family of Edward Tilston 1640-1676 and Magdelin 1704, resulting in a family tree.  Illustrated with facsimile extracts from Gresford Church Warden Accounts 1663, Notitae St. Asaph about July 1661 extract for Llay township, and extract from Gresford Church Wardens' Accounts 1663 (two extracts) to be continued. Article covers years 1661-1727, Hel Achau, #36, April 1992, pages 2-5, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Ellis, Bryn.  The Nuttall Family.  Research of the Nuttall family in Flintshire, resulted in a family tree beginning with Samuel and Elizabeth Nuttall whose children were born in 1719-1736.  Article covers years 1719-1938. Hel Achau, #36, April,1992, pages 8-9, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Mair, Judith. Treasures Past and Preset - Searching for John Jones [1815-1890].  the author was led to the National Archives and a little account book kept by her ancestor, which in turn led her to census', land records, and histories.  Facsimile pages from the account book and photographs of a headstone and Peniarth Hall, Llanegryn about 1885, illustrate the article.  Years cover 1814-2008. Hel Achau, #104, March 2010, pages 17-30, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Williams, Angharad Rys.  Flintshire Roots in Pontybodkin, Leeswood.  This article duscusses the descenants of William roberts [1736-1784] and his wife Anne of Pontybodkin.  Many descendants are prominent especiallin in the Calvinist Methodist Movement.  Article covers years 1736-1924 and is in Magazine, Hel Achau, #104, March 2010 pages 48-53, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Overton, Meriel.  Emma Fox nee Smedley Formerly Roose 1835-1910.  Emma married Joseph Roose in 1855 and John Fox in 1869.  Inter marrying among the families is explained. Article in magazine, Hel Achau, #105, June, 2010. pages 13-15, 942.93 D25h

Brightmer, Irene.  Found Drowned in Mostyn Dock 1884.  Richard Jones and Elizabeth Cartwright were married in Liverpool in 1836.  They had 8 children, Edward Cartwright Jones the oldest and George Jones the youngest.  Richard was a sailor at the time of his death, drowned in Mostyn Dock. in Flintshire. Article in magazine, Hel Achau, #105, June 2010, pages 19-20. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Vernon, Hazel.  The Quest For Emilyn.  Emilyn Phillips 1904-1947 emigrated to the United States after WW1 but returned to Wales.  Illustrated with a photograph taken in Birmingham Michigan 1929.  Those in the photograph are:  Eddie Edwards, Thomas Charles, Llewelyn Edwards, William allan Williams, Tom Edwards, Bobby Jones, Mrs Lynda Bennett, Mr and Mrs Zeigler, Emilyn Pritchard, Mrs Lizzie Edwards, unknown?, Oswald Charles, Tommy Williams, bill Richards, Emaniwel Pritchard, Wilfred Phillips, Charles Victor Bennett, Bob Richards, David Charles, Idris Wyn, Ivor Davies, W. T. Roberts, David Edwards, Johnny Pritchard, Robert Daniel Jones, Ivor Edward, George Williams, Watkin Edwards, Chris Bennett, Howel Davies, Eric Stephen Jones, David Arthur Dunn, Ted Phillips, George Hughes, Emily Phillips. Article covers 1904-1982, in Hel Achau, #104, March 2010, pages 36-38, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Bithell, Ian C.  A discussion of the family of Thomas Burton and Esther Ada Oldham illustrated with photographs of Thomas Burton, Ada Harding Pridmore, Esther Ada Burton, and unnamed woman 1887, and a photo of Bert Burton and Gladys Burton taken between 1917 and 1919.  Parish Town of Gresford. Denbigh, and also England, Warwickshire, Thurlston. Article in Hel Achau, #106, Sept. 2010, pages 16-21,Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Griffiths, Val.  Nineteenth and  Twentieth Century History of the Working Classes Reflected in the History of a Family from Bagilit.  A description of a way of life and living conditions in and around Bagalit by tracing the family of Hugh Roberts 1811-1873, and Elleanor Jones 1811- and Thomas Hughes and Mary Williams married 1823.  A family tree is given.  Article covers years. 1808-1897. Hel Achau, #107, December 2010, pages 10-15.  Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Mawdsley, David.  The Reverend Abel Jones Parry, D.D: Rhyl. A discussion of the descendants of Thomas Parry 1806 and Susannah Jones 1808-1893 who married 1831.  They had 8 children, Tom, Abel, Jane, Ann, John, Susannah, Elizabeth and Catherine. Article covers years 1806-2010, in Hel Achau, #107, December 2010, pages 27-30, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Jones, C.E. Glynn. The Family of Jones of Denbigh, Vale of Clwyd. Discussion of the James Robert Jones and Jane Edwards family illustrated with three family trees. They had six children, Frances, Emily, George, James Alfred, Walter Emerson and Charles Frederick. 1802-1979. Hel Achau #11, winter 1983, pages 5-13, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25.

Hughes, Betty C.  A Wrexham Miscellany.  A discussion of the families of Benjamin Souther and Elizabeth Wiggin and William Hughes and Mary Jones.  A pedigree of the Hughes family is given.  Illustrated with a photograph of members of the Denbighshire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry identifying only William Hughes who returned from the Boer War in 1903.  Article covers years 1775-1992 in Hel Achau, #14, Winter1984, pages 23-24. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Wynne-Woodhouse, Bill.  Thomas Edwards Twm O'R Nant a Family Interlude.  The author has pieced together a biography of Thomas Edwards, famous poet of Wales.  The cover of this issue shows four likenessess of Thomas Edwards.  A family pedigree chart is given.  Years covered,1744-1906. of Denbigh Nantglyn and Whitechurch. in Journal Hel Achau, #17, Winter 1985, pages 4-5, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Blackwell, H. Stewart. and Wynne-Woodhouse, Bill. Giants of the Past: 1847-1915.  English born Alfred Neobard Palmer was a chemist, researcher and writer who came to Denbigh because of his health.  Illustrated with a sketch of him and a chronological bibliography of his writings. Article covers years 1847-1915 and is found in the journal Hel Achau, #18, 1986, page 9, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Tilston, Jeremy/The Tilston Family of Llay Smithy (1661-1991) part two, 1704-1842. A continued discussion of the Tilston Family of blacksmiths.  Illustrated by a family tree and a hand drawn map of the tithe may for Gresford, 1661-1917 years covered. Article in Journal, Hel Achau, #37, 1992, pages 13-17. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h.

Home, Norman.  Wynne Family of Llangollen.  A brief discussion of the family of David thomas 1772-1853 and Mary Wynne 1777-1856. Hel Achau, #37, 1992 pages 20-21. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Ellis, Bryn. The Redfern Family of Halkyn. A discussion of the family of George Redfern and his wife Jane.  They had four children: Catherine, William, Sarah and Martha.  He had more children by a second wife, Catherine Davies: Elin, Ursala, Ann and George. Illustrated with a facsimile of his Will, 1756 and a transcript of the Inventory. Article covers years 1734-1975. Hel Achau #37, 1992, pages 25-27. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Jenkins, Michael.  Peleg Ishmael Jones. Peleg Ishmael Jones 1840-1909 married Mary Michael in 1864, their children are: Joseph Arthur, Elizabeth, Grace(or Jane) Myfanwy, Cynfel and blodwen. Illustrated with a drawing of Cerni Welsh Methodist Chapel, 1990 abd a photograph of Eglwys Seion, Wrexham. Article covers years 1818-1935 in Flintshire, Parish Bagillt and Denbigh Wrexham. Hel Achau, #99, Dec. 2008. pages 10-12 Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Homersley, Jeffrey.  Our ancestors.  Three generations of Ade-Le Kinge (Homersley) are given.  Illustrated with a photograph of William Homersley and Katherine Jenkins and a newspaper obituary of William Homersley  dated 23 June, 1956, although it appears he may have died in 1955. The Homersley name was initiated about 1300 in Cheddleton, Staffordshire. Article covers years 1274-1956, in Hel Achau, #99, Dec. 2008. pages 13-15, 942.93 D25h

Williams, Angharad Rhys.  Llinach Deuluol Mam David Ellis, Penyfed.  The article is written mostly in welsh.  His ancestry is explained in english.  Illustrated with a photograph of David Ellis and a family tree of seven generations covering years 1695-1935. Hel Achau, no. 99, Dec. 2008, pages 23-27, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Gould, Ann.  Pierce Family History.  Thomas Pierce 1848-1910 and Ann Jones 1856-1927 had 8 children:  Elizabeth, Thomas, Robert Evan, Sarah Jane, Peter Edward, Annie Mona, William John and Jenny.  Illustrated with photos of Thomas Pierce, Ann Jones and son Robert Evan and Annie Sophie Morgan on their wedding day in 1905.  Author is trying to prove relationship to Dr. Evan Pierce. Article in Hel Achau, #99, Dec. 2008. pages 49-52. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Roberts, Lindsay.  Family Branches.  A family tree is given with 5 generations of family of Samuel Jones and Grace Williams.  Surnames are Davies and Roberts, and covers years 1802-1923. of Flintshire, Holywell and Bagillt, Hel Achau, #99, Dec. 2008. page 53, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Jones, Tracey.  Family Branches.  A family tree is given with 4 generations for the family of William Jasper 1818-1865 and Margaret Jones 1822-1889. Surnames are Rogers and Williams, for Denbigh, Froncysy Ilte. covering years 1818-1975, in Journal Hel Achau,#99, Dec. 2008, pages 54-55. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Ankers, Ann.  A Death on Armistice Day.  James Tod died on Armistice Day in Grove Hospital in Tooting of Rheumatic fever.  His burial service in Chirk, Wrexham  is described.  Illustrated with a photograph of him and his wife Emily Edwards.  Article covers years 1860-1946 and is in the journal Hel Achau, #100, March 2009, pages 15-17. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Jones, Heulwyn.  A Welshman Amongst the Indians in Wyoming.  A biography of John Roberts, 1853-1949 born at Dyserth, but Emigrated to the Bahamas and then onto Wyoming as an Episcopal missionary to the Indians.  Illustrated with a photograph of John Roberts.  The article covers years 1853-1997, and is found in the journal Hel Achau, #101 June 2009, pages 44-47, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Cliffe, Vic.  Samuel Higgins.  The Author describes his research into the life of Samuel Hignet who is buried on the grounds of Ridley Farm.  His Will distributes his worldly goods to dissenting chapels for the poor and to his servant Hannah Randles. in Denbighshire, Holt. Article has a picture of RidleyWood Farmhouse June, 2008 and a photo of Samuel's grave in the distance.  Article covers years 1635-1836, and is to be found in Hel Achau, #101 June 2009, pages 48-50 Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Letters.  This article is from folk who belong to the Clwyd Family History Society, with photographs submitted requesting information on the people named Mary Tudor known as Polly married a Mr. Hewitt and lived around Brymbo, Gwersyllt, Caergwle, George Jones born 1902 in Pont Adam, Ruabon 1902.  Are either man in the photo, his father?  Photo of pupils of St. David's School, Pentre, Flint about 1897, W. J. Davies and Richard Davies are identified.  Article in journal Hel Achau, #101, June 2009, pages 55 and 56. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Baron Price of Cerrigydrudion.  A biography of Robert Price son of Thomas Price and Margaret Wynne baptized in 1655 at St. Mary Madalen in Geeler.  He married Lucy Rodd in Herefordshire in 1679.  Article is in journal Hel Achau #103, Dec. 2009. page 7, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Harrison, Julie.  The Real Thos-ite or A Story of Coal.  Article covers research into the author's husband's family. The family name is spelled many alternative ways in the Census, mainly Tunnah for Turner.  Surnames mentioned are:  Lloyd, Bithell, Lancaster, Crowther, Bradley, and family seems to move into Yorkshire, from Wales.  Article to be found in Hel Achau, vol. 103, December 2009, pages 38-41, Family History Library Ref. 942.25 D25h

Cooper, Gloria.  Help Wanted.  Photograph of Lillian Jones (born 1924)  and Winnie Jones (born 1919) and two other females unidentified when visiting relations in Mold during the late 1930's.  Also a small genealogy.  To be found in magazine Hel Achau, vol. 103, December 2009, page 45, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h 

Davies, Joan H. Help Wanted. Photograph of Mary (Polly) Jones, 1884-1977, and possibly her sister.  If anyone could identify the other person in the picture. Also there is a small genealogy of the family, to be found in magazine, Hel Achau, no. 103, Dec. 2009, page 47, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h


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