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This listing is taken from “Other Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston" published by State Street Trust Company, Boston, Mass., 1919.
It lists merchants and sea captains by name. Each has a clickable biography.
Names Listed:
William Appleton & Company
Captain John Codman, William D. Codman,  John & Richard Codman
John Perkins Cushing
Captain James Dalton
Captain Philip Dumaresq
Captain Oscar G. Eaton
Nathaniel Goddard
Captain Augustine Heard
James and Thomas Lamb
Lee and Cabot
John Ellerton Lodge
Captain Charles Porter Low
R. C. Mackay and J. S. Coolidge - J. S. Coolidge & Co.
Mrs. Joshau A. Patten, Captain
Captain William Dane Phelps
Captain William Sturgis


Massachusetts Sailors


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