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Biographies and Genealogies

Arranged first by County, and then by Contents title


Book (Reg) Bird Family Tree Canada
Book Homesteads & Happiness Canada
Book Eckville History Society Canada, Alberta
6087791 New Brunswick Lineages Canada, New Brunswick
6049168 Planters and Pioneers 1749-1775 Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
Book Autobiography Of Harry Pushon Stephens Canada, Ontario
6046817 Dafoe family Canada, Ontario
6075642 James Durham, U.E. of Niagara Canada, Ontario
Book Pioneer Days at Copenhagen Canada, Ontario
Book Pioneer Life On The Bay Of Quinte Canada, Ontario
Book The W. J. Mccalla Family Canada, Ontario
6046605 Les anciennes familles du Quebec Canada, Quebec
6049114 Trudel (Trudelle) Family Canada, Quebec
6046987 The Goozee History, 1977 - Talbot, Barker, King families Canada, Saskatchewan
Book The School Beneath the Hill Canada, Saskatchewan
6037166 The Scots And Irish Origins Of The Means Family Canada, U.S.A.
6342001 British & Irish Biographies 1840-1940 - index (325 fiche) England
1036999 Campbell (1856) & Wake (1800) Families' History England
6035639 Drake in England England
6035772 Falaise Roll: prominent companions of Wm Duke of Normandy 1066 England
6085729 Finding England ancestors not recorded in the common records England
6036331 History & Genealogy memoir of Family of Poyntz family of England between 1066 A.D. and 1886 A.D. England
6090721 Walter of Guisborough England
6028142 Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire leaders, social & political England, Cambs & Hunts
6069445 Who's Who in Jersey, 1937 England, Channel Islands
6010669 Descendants of Sir. John Wright of Kelvedon Hall, Essex 1610-1665 England, Essex
599866 Bridges, Lefroy, Davenport families; Topographical Atlas England & Ireland, England, Ireland
994022 Macdonnells, Howletts, Menhenick, Hunt + Records & Badges of British Regiments England, Ireland
6070528 Brook Bridges Estate England, Kent
6073813 Kent, Alston Family Records 1586-1877 England, Kent
6073816 Kent, Laurie MSS England, Kent
6091382 Kent, Mannering MSS England, Kent
6073818 Kent, Sir William Rooke England, Kent
6089506 Kent, Sondes MSS England, Kent
6085458 Kent: Historical, Biographical and Pictorial 1907 England, Kent
86998 L.D.S. Member Records, Faversham England, Kent
6074030 Thomson Family Papers England, Kent
6069446 Who's Who in Kent 1935 England, Kent
6036114 Castells of NFK and SFK, England England, Norfolk, Suffolk
6024434 Ancestry of George Raymond of Glastonbury England, Somerset
994068 Pennefather-Jenks-Grigg-Bateman; Routh; Parry; Waterhouse; Walpole; Dymock+ England, U.S.A.
1187362 Nobility Of Europe Section 30-331 Plus Index Europe
1187361 Nobility Of Europe, Section 1-30 Europe
1553860 Patron Sheets 1969-1981 Europe
496990 History of Ille et Villane & other french families France
897312 House of Bourbon, Sarthe France
6001407 Geschlechter Der Stadte Hamburg Und Altona Vol. 2; Genealogy of families of Hamburg and Altona, Germany. Includes the Büsing, Gechter, Möller, Ockelmann, Puttfarken, Schütt, Teppe, and Vidal families. Indexed. Germany Germany
6001443 Geschlechter Der Stadte Hamburg Und Altona, Vol.1; Genealogy of families of Hamburg und Altona, Germany. Includes the von Balen, Behrens, Hansen, Hugershoff, Ladendorf, Lüttmann, Presch, Sommer, Steinhaus, Vondey, Westphalen, and Wörmer families. Indexed Germany
6085766 Connecting your pedigree into royal, noble and mediaeval families Great Britain
994085 Historic Account of Various Families, Cemetery & Church records + Clan Gowan Great Britain
6024421 Earls of Erne, 1st edition Ireland
6035725 Earls of Erne, 2nd edition Ireland
6036508 Historical notices of Old Belfast and vicinity Ireland
6017296 Trial Chart Higgins family of Broomhedge, Antrim, Ireland Ireland, Antrim
6085794 Roman Legacy, learning about your Italian ancestors, part II Italy
6085784 Roman Legacy: Learning about your Italian ancestors, Part I Italy
6001285 Engels Handwoordenboek Netherlands
6030125 Genealogy of the people and the farms they lived on in Sigdal and Eggedal in Buskerud county Norway, Buskerud
6030107 Genealogy of the people and their farms in vol. 1 with a History of Krødsherad in Buskerud county Norway, Buskerud
277813 Genealogical tables of the clan Mackenzie 900-1850s: Findon Tables Scotland
6036086 Royal Descents Scottish Records Scotland
6035635 Islay People 1650-1850 Scotland, Argyll
6035635 Islay People 1650-1850 Scotland, Argyll
899806 History with Genealogy of Families Scotland, Ayrshire
6035755 Harlow of Sendle Scotland, Strathclyde
6036246 Zetland County Families Scotland, Zetland
128069 Genealogical Records of Families from Bern Switzerland
193485 Stamm, Stappung, Staub, Stauffer, Stauffiger, Steck, Steffen, Stegmann, Steinemann, Steiner, Steinmann, Sterchi, Stettler, Stiefel, Stiger, Still, Stilli, Stockar, Stöckli, Stocker, Stoller, Straub, Spengler, Staubhaar, Strassburger, Strässler, Streiff, Streit, Streuli, Streun, Stricker, Strotz, Stuber, Stucki, Studer, Sturzenegger, Stumpf, Stutz, Süss, (Byland); Suter, (Müller, Aerny, of Bözberg); Sauter, Sutter, Tanner, Temperle, Teuscher, Thaler, Thalmann, Thöni, Tinner, Tobler families. Billeter Collection - Genealogical notes on families of Switzerland Switzerland
1035626 FH: Baggerley, Brice, Canter, Chinkypin, John + American Loyalist Claims U.S.A
1035524 FH: Bixby, Brumbelow, Johnson, Mack, Sherman, Wing U.S.A
1035656 FH: Blakesley, Dreier, Hurndell, Mentzer, Metz+ U.S.A
1036140 FH: Raymond, Keller, McAllister, Buss + United Empire Loyalists U.S.A
1033896 FH: Schantz, Bemis et al, Loomis, Cartwright, Jaren Jones U.S.A
6049296 A Chapman Family History U.S.A.
6017110-3 A Day to Remember: History of Young-Wherry-Loshbaugh-Drake Families U.S.A.
6088132 A Nichols Genealogy U.S.A.
6088572 A Summary of the families of Hungerford U.S.A.
6017776 Addendum: Descendants of Adam Flake U.S.A.
6046825 Additions & corrections: Thomas Hungerford of Hartford, Conn. & his descendants in America U.S.A.
6075713 Additions to the children of our fathers: a register of the family U.S.A.
6046911 Alden kindred gossip - family newsletter U.S.A.
1394331 Ancestral File Submission Sheets U.S.A.
6018456 Ancestry of Comfort Sage 1797-1887 U.S.A.
6047219 Annual report of the genealogical bureau of the Chamberlain Assoc. U.S.A.
496894 Avery family, Includes Allyn (Allen), Chapman, Comstock, Denison, Herrick, Hewitt, Lester, Miner, Morgan, Wheeler and related families U.S.A.
6088248 Baker Search 1986 U.S.A.
6047780 Barrett Newsletter U.S.A.
6087967 Bits and Pieces of the Hawkins family puzzle U.S.A.
6035757-8 Blecklys, Springalls & Temple Family Chronicles U.S.A.
6047125 Boggs Newsletter U.S.A.
1033970 Boyd Family Genealogy 1623-1962 from Ireland, to USA U.S.A.
6052865 Brigham, Willard Irving Tyler, 1859-1904, the History of the Brigham family U.S.A.
6018321 Britten Family Tree U.S.A.
6017135 Chamberlain Family Descendants U.S.A.
6055169 Chamberlain-Moore Journal U.S.A.
6047836 Coffin Family Newsletter U.S.A.
6048127 Daniel Wilcox of Puncatest and the Genealogy of some of his descendants U.S.A.
313 DeMil Family of Ghent, Belgium U.S.A.
6016363-66 Descendants of Charles & Amelia Bishop Dickson of Onslow, Nova Scotia U.S.A.
6048450 Descendants of Exum Drake U.S.A.
6048875 Descendants of Exum Drake U.S.A.
982493 Descendants of James and Samuel Henry, Revolutionary War soldiers in Kentucky, Hughes & Struthers families U.S.A.
Book Descendants Of James Monroe Sills, James Cliburn & Allied Pitman Family U.S.A.
6087951 Descendants of John and Benjamin Andrews U.S.A.
6048762 Descendants of Zacharian Alford Drake of Marlboro County, S.C. U.S.A.
6019653 Drake, Dennis: Ancestors & Descendants U.S.A.
6093558 Drake, Descendants of Exum U.S.A.
6047783 Duke Family Newsletter U.S.A.
6047231 Eady family newsletter U.S.A.
6047221 Edgar Newsletter U.S.A.
6051221 Edward Pleasant's Valentine Papers - gen. of early families U.S.A.
6048518 Elisha S. & Lavina (Locke) Andrus their ancestors and descendants U.S.A.
6019739 Elmendorf, Your…Ancestors U.S.A.
1421700 Family & Area Histories U.S.A.
1421975 Family & Area Histories U.S.A.
1454560 Family Histories U.S.A.
1463959 Family Histories U.S.A.
1465997 Family Histories U.S.A.
186135 Family Histories - Prentice, Pease & Peck U.S.A.
6070653 Family life as viewed through diaries U.S.A.
1033527 FH: Abercromby, Curtis, Doziers, Klinginsmith, McVeigh, Parsons, Perdew + U.S.A.
1303262 FH: Abernathy, Adams, Alexander, Allen, Burnham, Deane, Hall Hemenway, Hoyt + U.S.A.
1486616 FH: Allen, Axtell, Baldwin, Breed, Clay, Coit, Holliston, Curtis, Eyerman, de Braose+ U.S.A.
1015835 FH: Belden, Bell, Bellinger, Bellingham, Bemus, Benjamin, Bennett, Biedermann + U.S.A.
1033915 FH: Brayton, Gleason, Runkle + History of Athens, PA & Woodstock, VT U.S.A.
1033667 FH: Coppernoll, Counts, Southwick + California mining days reminiscences U.S.A.
1697790 FH: Curtis, Woodall, Weaver, Lee, Scott, Dunbar, Whitfield, Calvert U.S.A.
1597565 FH: Walters-Herrmann U.S.A.
6017875 Flynt-Flint Family Research Records U.S.A.
6047107 Forge: The Bigelow Society vol. 6-14, both inclusive U.S.A.
517148 Gates, Gerhardt, Geiger, Gardiner, Gilbert & Gaston, Reid, Simonton, Harvey, Tomlinson families U.S.A.
874432 Genealogy of Golden, Hawkins, Hill, Leigh, Mason, Phillips, Royster, Sebastian, Smail, Families U.S.A.
874737 Genealogy of Mixon, Moak, Moffet, Mohler, Moneyhun, Montague, Atherton Families U.S.A.
6087843 Genealogy of the Johann Janzen 1752-1977 U.S.A.
6087842 Genealogy of the Schoenwieser Janzens 1752-1979 U.S.A.
6048093 Genealogy of the Twitchell Family U.S.A.
6019901 Giddings, George: The descendants of c1635+ U.S.A.
6010540 Gillman-Tuttle Family 1575-1968 U.S.A.
6052860 Goodridge, Edwin Alonzo, 1840-1916, The Goodridge Genealogy U.S.A.
6055270 Graves Family Newsletter U.S.A.
6055291 Graves Newsletter U.S.A.
Book Harmon, New England U.S.A.
6049213 Hathaways of America U.S.A.
6047427 Hawkins Family Newsletter U.S.A.
1033562 Historical Sketches, various families U.S.A.
897290 History and Genealogy of Cox Family U.S.A.
6100835 History and Genealogy of the Briggs Family U.S.A.
6100836 History and Genealogy of the Briggs Family U.S.A.
6100837 History and Genealogy of the Briggs Family U.S.A.
6055186 Hollingsheads Chronicles U.S.A.
6046982 Holmberg-Malmberg U.S.A.
6018888 Hunter, Allen, Jamison Lineage U.S.A.
6051291 Index of the Rolls of Honor in the Lineage Books of the MSDAR U.S.A.
6051292 Index of the Rolls of Honor in the Lineage Books of the MSDAR U.S.A.
6051293 Index of the Rolls of Honor in the Lineage Books of the MSDAR U.S.A.
6051301 Index to American Genealogies U.S.A.
6051304 Index to Andrew Jensen's encyclopedic History of the LDS U.S.A.
6332994 Index, Maiden Name, Descendants Mary (Williams) Sayles, narration & reference U.S.A.
1321229 Jennings, Jenson, Kearns, Glass, Gordon, Joyner, Gipson, Getz, Gibbs U.S.A.
6047784 Joseph Lewis Thompson Family Bulletin U.S.A.
6047396 Kilgore's Tree U.S.A.
1016321 Lewis, Edmund - History of Family U.S.A.
6028835 Lockhart Papers U.S.A.
6331132 Lufkin Townsend Family Group Sheet U.S.A.
6331133 Lufkin Townsend Family Group Sheet U.S.A.
6331134 Lufkin Townsend Family Group Sheet U.S.A.
6331135 Lufkin Townsend Family Group Sheet U.S.A.
6331136 Lufkin Townsend Family Group Sheet U.S.A.
6331137 Lufkin Townsend Family Group Sheet U.S.A.
6331138 Lufkin Townsend Family Group Sheet U.S.A.
6331204 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331205 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331206 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331207 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331208 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331209 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331210 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331211 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331212 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331213 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331214 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331215 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331216 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331217 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331218 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331219 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331220 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331221 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331222 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331223 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6331224 Maltby Family U.S.A.
6088719 Mayflower Descendant Capt Miles Standish U.S.A.
6047805 May-Morris Chronicle U.S.A.
6046762 McClendon-Mclendon Family Assc newsletter U.S.A.
852 Meacham Family Remembrance & Genealogy U.S.A.
6047302 Moore family inquirer U.S.A.
6019144 Moore, Joseph & Patience Dean Descendants 1780-1850, PA, Ohio, Indiana U.S.A.
6019292 Moore, Richard H. & Rebecca S. Clemants, The family of U.S.A.
6046767 Nicholas Frost family c1632 U.S.A.
6094020 Normandy to North American, Fiennes 1066 to Fines 1986 U.S.A.
6087827 Partridge genealogy, Descendants of George Partride of Duxbury, Mass. U.S.A.
6050263 Partridge Genealogy, Descendants of George Partridge of Duxbury, MA U.S.A.
1058822 Patron Sheets 1969-1991 U.S.A.
820344 Patron Sheets, LDS Ordinance Records U.S.A.
6047345 Pearce Family U.S.A.
6047370 Pearce Pieces U.S.A.
6024323 Pedigree of Pemberton U.S.A.
6018825 Pierce Genealogy: Descendants of Michael Pierce 1615 Massachusetts U.S.A.
6050435 Pinkerton Family Genealogy U.S.A.
6072505 Register of Research Department Patron Files U.S.A.
6047789 Report of the Annual Mtg of the Wycroff Assoc. in America U.S.A.
6047771 Robert Weekes & Mary Ann Baldry Family Bulletin U.S.A.
6047452 Rockfeller Family Association News U.S.A.
6016405-6 Sargent Genealogy: of Courteenhall, Northants & American Descendants U.S.A.
6047502 Scott Newsletter U.S.A.
6047503 Scott Scanner U.S.A.
6050975 Secord-Sicard Ancestry U.S.A.
6046859 Seven Pierce families U.S.A.
6019624 Sommer, Rev. Peter N.: Dedication of memorial to, of Schoharie County U.S.A.
6047455 Soule Newsletter U.S.A.
6018151 Spaulding, Alta Youmans Application for membership Mayflower Desc., D.A.R. U.S.A.
6047603 Stephens-Stevens U.S.A.
6047782 Stiles Newsletter U.S.A.
1058176 Temple Patron Sheets 1969-1991 U.S.A.
1760805 Temple Records, surname index 1991-1992 St. George U.S.A.
6049818 The Ancestors & Descendants of Hugh Harry & Elizabeth Brinton U.S.A.
6047074 The Barger Journal U.S.A.
6046981 The Bates Family in America; Addenda & Errata to Lanphere and related families U.S.A.
6047140 The Butler Journal U.S.A.
6047147 The Butler Society News bulletin U.S.A.
6055108 The Eddy Family Assoc. U.S.A.
6055153 The Eddy Homesteader Newsletter from the Eddy Homestead Assoc. U.S.A.
6104627 The F. Christian and Anna Eleanora (Zafft) Ortmann Family History 1800-1992 U.S.A.
6087325 The family of Lte. John and Elizabeth (Freeman) Ellis of Sandwich, Mass U.S.A.
6049185 The Genealogy of James Warren Rowland & his wife, Katherine Elizabeth Taylor U.S.A.
6088085 The Gilbert Family U.S.A.
6087507 The History of William Jones, Sr. & his wives, Mary Ham U.S.A.
6048865 The Martin Family of America U.S.A.
6088197 The Nichols Genealogy U.S.A.
6050958 The One Who came before, a family History and memoirs U.S.A.
6047606 The Slade-Babcock Genealogical Newsletter U.S.A.
6056676 The Society of Descendants of Henry Wolcott, Annual Reunion U.S.A.
6017551 The Story of the Toys U.S.A.
6047787 The Torkelson Clan U.S.A.
6087503 The Traver (Treber) Family U.S.A.
6100030 The Watt Line U.S.A.
6047594 The Weatherbee Round-up (9 vols + special issue) U.S.A.
6017023 The Whitaker Family 1675-1979 U.S.A.
6050990 The Wing Family U.S.A.
6047654 The Woolley Data Exchange Letter U.S.A.
6016423-26 The Wright-Chamberlain Genealogy c 1650+ U.S.A.
Book Thomas Disbrow, Sr. Of Compo 1625-1982 U.S.A.
6050265 Thomas Minor Descendants 1608-1981 U.S.A.
6049815 Three Hundred Years in America - a History of the Goodwill Family U.S.A.
6047543 Tracy's Tracing U.S.A.
6047788 Trenary, Trennery, Trenery, Tenery Family History U.S.A.
6047442 Under the Runyon Tree U.S.A.
1318198 Upper, Strawn, Wamel, Stokes, Tuttle-Paynter, Ulmer, Wells U.S.A.
6047786 Wakefield News U.S.A.
6047614 Week's Brick House, Leonard Weeks & Descendants in America U.S.A.
1321352 Westbrook, Minns, Roush, Wike, Way, Sharpe, Summerhays, Seak s, Whittlesey U.S.A.
6047781 William Alvin Tolman Family Newsletter U.S.A.
6052852 William Henry Moore and his ancestry U.S.A.
6024291 William Throope & Adrian Scrope…history of U.S.A.
6047667 Young-Wherry-Loshbaugh-Drake Families: A Day to Remember U.S.A.
6331460 Descendants of families who arrived on the Mayflower. Massachusetts Society of Mayflower descendants : the Bowman files U.S.A.,
6093502 Orman Family of Russellville, Alabama U.S.A., Alabama
6101444 The Backtracker, Journal of the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society U.S.A., Arkansas
1597890 Family Histories & Obituaries, San Diego 1967-1968 U.S.A., California
821597 History of Merkley, Dyer & Richards Families U.S.A., Canada
1402839 Kemps of Suffolk, Kitchell, Cheever, Cooper, Fairbanks, Price, Yates, Dummer, Ely+ U.S.A., Canada
6017483 Descendants of Alex Roll, Connecticut 1685-1895 U.S.A., Connecticut
6016401-4 Descendants of John Owen of Windsor, Connecticut 1622-1699 U.S.A., Connecticut
2990 Historical Society U.S.A., Connecticut
599305 History of Families of Old Fairfield U.S.A., Connecticut
599306 History of Families of Old Fairfield U.S.A., Connecticut
599307 History of Families of Old Fairfield U.S.A., Connecticut
6087444 My own record of William Clark, of Hartford Haddam, Conn U.S.A., Connecticut
6019754 Woodruff, A Genealogy, Connecticut & Upper Canada U.S.A., Connecticut
6046768 The Donnels and their Macdonald ancestors of Glencoe, Scotland U.S.A., Delaware
1463957 Family Histories U.S.A., Foreign
6046637 Randall Huckaby Pierce and his descendants U.S.A., George
6046765 American records of the Michael & Jacob Flerchinger families of Luxembourg U.S.A., Idaho, Wisconsin
6051299 The Murrow family of Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana & Iowa U.S.A., Indiana, Kentucky
6017952 Descendants of David Finley 1754-1848, Kentucky & Indiana U.S.A., Kentucky
6046951 Hardin and Harding of Virginia and Kentucky U.S.A., Kentucky, Virginia
6018752 Barkman-Barrackman, The family of Baltimore c 1750 U.S.A., Maryland
6018887 Bullard Report 1601-1899, Massachusetts U.S.A., Massachusetts
6018741 Gage: The family of Enfield 1738 Massachusetts U.S.A., Massachusetts
6016413-17 Genealogy of John Wing of Sandwich, Mass 1621-1888 U.S.A., Massachusetts
6019490 Loring, John Malcom: Ancestors of, Massachusetts 1630 U.S.A., Massachusetts
6331426 Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, the Bowman Files U.S.A., Massachusetts
6018450 Nichols Genealogy, Massachusetts c 1721 U.S.A., Massachusetts
6019049 Vaughan, George of Middleboro, Massachusetts c 1627 U.S.A., Massachusetts
Book Zaccheus Gould Of Topsfield U.S.A., Massachusetts
1035644 FH: Carter, Chambers, Dreier, Eadris, Eastman, Hall, Longmire + 1790 N Hampshire U.S.A., New Hampshire
1033745 Raymond family + History of Canaan U.S.A., New Hampshire
6049555 The Drake family of New Hampshire U.S.A., New Hampshire
941115 C. Gardiner Records, Conger-Frazee U.S.A., New Jersey
941116 C. Gardiner Records, Frazee-Headley U.S.A., New Jersey
6046644 Kitchens family Genealogy 1692-1978 from Alsace-Lorraine U.S.A., New Jersey
1304637 Genealogy of first settlers, Schennectady U.S.A., New York
6018670 Hillman, Isaac: The story of, 1797, New York U.S.A., New York
6089072 Luurszen, Jacob c1616: Our Dutch Heritage U.S.A., New York
6089074 Luurszen, Jacob c1616: Our Dutch Heritage U.S.A., New York
6018559 Pryor, Smith, Tidd, Powell U.S.A., New York
6018559 Pryor, Smith, Tidd, Powell U.S.A., New York
6048109 Ancestral Portraits of Ohio Settlers U.S.A., Ohio
6100038 The Descendants of John Shaw of London, County, Va Perry Co., Oh. U.S.A., Ohio, Virginia
6019904 Albright & allied families c1732+, Pennsylvania U.S.A., Pennsylvania
6019509 Albright, Bernard: A genealogical History of, Pennsylvania U.S.A., Pennsylvania
6049710 Descendants of John Vaughan in Newport, Rhode Island U.S.A., Rhode Island
6053257 Pioneers and prominent men of Utah U.S.A., Utah
6019966 Farmer & Field families of Virginia c1770 U.S.A., Virginia
6018924 Tate: The Pioneer family of August County, Virginia U.S.A., Virginia
6046764 Dooley and Scobee families in Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri U.S.A., Virginia, Kentucky

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