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Svensk Ortförteckning gave employees of the Swedish railroad, postal and the telephone and telegraph organizations a reference to locate address and routing information given minimal placename data like a farm name or a village. The telephone book-like publication uses a very stylized format and extensive abbreviations to keep the book size managable with very compact notations for each place in Sweden. Entries are listed alphabetically (Swedish alphabet!) by place name. Note the directory uses all capital letters for county (län) names, bold type for rail, postal, telegraph or telephone data and special (non-character) symbols as descibed further below mainly to show distances. Entries will usually help you locate even very small places on a good quality map and often identify kommuns in place in the 1960s.

abbreviation = Swedish word = English translation

anst = anstalt = institution
banv = banvaktstuga = rr watch cottage
BLEK = Blekinge län = Blekinge County
br = bruk = works, factory
by = by = village

elv = elektricitetsverk = electric power station
fabr = fabrik = factory
fideik = fideikomiss = entailed estate
fiskl = fiskeläge = fishing village
GBG = Göteborg och Bohus County

gd = gård = small farm
gd:ar = gårdar = large farm or farms
GOTL = Gotland County
Gotl = Gotlands = ()
GÄVL = Gävleborg County

HALL = Halland County
hl = handelslägenhet = store
hlp = håll- och lastplats vid järnväg = rr stop
hp = hållplats vid järnväg = rr stop
hpb = hållplats för buss = bus stop

hpr = hållplats för rälsbuss = railbus stop
ind:omr = industriområde = industrial area
inr = inrättning = (government) establishment
inst = institut = institution
J = adress för järnvägsgods = address for rail shippments

JKPG = Jönköping County
JMTL = Jämtland County
jv = (såsom beteckning å orts beskaffenhet)
järnvägsstation utan telegrambefordring,
(omedelbart efter telegrafadress) järnvägs-
station = rr station without telegraph
jvt = järnvägsstation med telegrafbefordring =
rr station with telegraf service

jagm = jagmästarboställe = wildlife ranger station
Jämtl = Jämtlands = ()
KALM = Kalmar County
kol:i = koloni = summer camp
KPBG = Kopparberg County

KRIST = Kristianstad County
krj = kronojägarboställe = royal wildlife ranger
KRON = Kronoberg County
kv = kvarn = mill (wind or water driven)
L:a, L = Lilla = Little ()

lg = lägenhet = appartment, living quarters
(not part of a farm)
lp = lastplats vid järnväg = rr freight loading place
MALM = Malmöhus County
mej:i = mejeri = dairy
N:a, N = Norra = North ()

NBTN = Norrbotten County
Norrl = Norrlands- = Norrlands ()
o = och = and
omr = område
P = postadress = post office address

pens = pensionat = boarding house
pk = postkontor = post office
pob = postombud = postal representative
prästgd = prästgård = vicar's farm
pst = poststation = post station

pxp = postexpedition = branch post office
rest = restaurang = restaurant
s = samtalsstation = public telephone station
S:a, S = Södra- = South ()
samh = samhälle = small community, village

sanat = sanatorium = sanitorium
sk = skola = school
SKBG = Skaraborg County
skogv = skogvaktarbostad = forest range lodging
Smål = Smålands- = Småland ()

S:t = Sankt = Saint
St:a, St = Stora- = Greater ()
stenh:i = stenhuggeri = stone quary
STH = Stockholm County
stn = station = station

SÖDM = Södermanland County
Sorml = Sörmlands- = Södermansland ()
Tf = adress för telefonsamtal = address for telephone calls
Tg = adress för telegram = address for telegram
tg = telegrafstation och samtalsstation = telegram and
telephone station

tingsst = tingsställe = court location
trädgd = handlsträdgård = commercial nursery-orchard
tu = telegramutbäringsställe = telegram delivery location
tx = telegrafexpedition och samtalsstation eller
telegraminlämningsställe och samtallsstation =
telegraph office with telephones
Uppl - Upplands- = Upplands ()

UPPS = Uppsala County
V:a, V = Västra- = West ()
VBTN = Västerbotten County
verkst = verkstad = workshop, works
VNRL = Västernorrland County

VRML = Värmland County
VSTM = Västmanland County
Värml = Värmlands- = Värmland ()
åldh = ålderdomshem = old folks home
ångb:stn = ångbåtsstation = steamboat station

ÄLVSB = Älvsborg County
Ö:a, Ö = Östra = East ()
ÖREB = Örebro County
ÖSTG = Östergötland County

other symbols used
* (solid star) landskommun with same name as a town
(triangle) distance (km) "as the bird flys"
(circle dot) distance (km) by driving
(square) distance (km) partially by water
* (open star) follows name of part-time rr office
() word used as an adjuctive

Following Tf you will find the Swedish telephone local area code and which telephone book the area will be listed in.

Example from 1965 Svensk Ortförteckning:

Kvistbro  samh hp fabr:er Svartå (Kvistbro) ÖREB  P Fjugesta Tf

0585 Ör  Tg Kumla (triangle)19  J Fjugesta 5 Vretstorp (circle dot)16

Kvistbro   includes a small settlement, rr stop, factories (these are small) and located in Svartå Kommun formerly Kvistbro (also the parish name), Örebro Län, post office in Fjugesta, telephone code 0585 and directory Ör  telegraph office at Kumla 19 km away, rail shipping to Fjugesta 5 km away or Vretstorp 16 km away by road.    (Note these are 1965 kommun names!)

Swedish Terms to Know

GÅRD - Farm

BY - Village

FÖRSAMLING - Parish (Congregation)

SOCKEN - Parish

HÄRAD - Court District

LÄN - County

LANDSKAP - Province

Swedish Place Name Prefixes to Know

NORRA (N) North

SÖDRA (S) South


ÖSTRA (Ö) East

LILLA (L) Little

STORA (St) Greater

NEDRE (Ne) Lower

ÖVRE (Ö) Upper

YTTER (Y) Outer

INDRE (I) Inner


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