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Welcome to the Wiki Technical Meeting
Ask questions and share what you've learned
The Wiki currently has 80,728 articles in English

Purpose and Time

Come forge solutions with other community contributors. We discuss content, technical issues, workarounds, community, site design, and strategy. This is a conference call meeting every Thursday from 2:00-3:00 PM (mountain time). Community members are welcome to suggest topics for the agenda by posting in the Community Meeting Forum thread or by adding the suggestions to the weekly agenda discussion pages.

click to attend 993 776 346

or use this alternative site access: Join the meeting 993 776 346

Create new agenda pages by using {{subst:TechMeetingAgenda}}.

Upcoming Meetings

Past Meetings

Saved recordings

14 Aug 2014 ( recording )

Historical Perspective

The community meeting started off as a user group meeting with a lot of the discussions centered around the early development of the wiki. Currently the meeting is centered around some of the technical aspects of the wiki, development of the content and procedures. Some of the attendees that have regularly attended these meetings both past and present include: Jimmy, Lise, Laralee, Thomas, JamesA, SteveC, Chris, Dsammy, JudyW, DonS, The Earl, Bromaelor, Michael, Alan, Baerbel, Bakerbh, LynnT, AnneW, KaraW, Diltsgd, Familyjournals, DavidC, G Fröberg Morris, Genguide, Molliewog, RoachA, Darris, Gina, MarkS, Wilma, Warren , Janell, Charles. If anyone was missed, please update this list!

Stay Informed

Stay informed by visiting the FamilySearch Wiki Forum or the Wiki Known Issues page. The following three pages were historically used for communication needs related to the early development of the Wiki and are not being used at this time. However, as development of the wiki continues, these pages may be used in the future:

Instructions for Attending the Web Meeting

The link to join the weekly meeting appears on both the agenda page and also this home page for the Community Meeting. (See above)
  • Select the desired "Connect Me" option and enter the phone number for MeetingPlace to call you at.
  • Click the Connect buttonYou can also attend the meeting without using your computer.
  • Dial into 801-240-2663 (Local/International) or 877-453-7266 (US Toll-free)
  • Follow the prompts to enter the Meeting IDPrior to joining the meeting for the first time, please run the MeetingPlace Test to verify you can participate in a web meeting.
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