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James Joseph Lane PID LHQ2-QYY b 1859 Newton, GA, md 16 Apr 1876 Walton, GA to Judia (Judy) Cook, (PID KL7Q-8ST
) b. 3 May 1860 Walton GA. Looking for vital records of their 11 children. Judia is one of triplets, Judida Cook and Julia Cook.

[TRIPLETS born 3 May 1860, Ebenezer, Walton, Georgia.
Mother, Judia Hawk COOK, dies about 24 May 1860.
Father, Matthew C Cook dies after 28 June 1860. (Census)

First: Judida (Didda) Cook
was raised by William Preston, Monticello, bro to H.H G. Preston with their daughter until their deaths.
Lived with Archibald Preston, ggparent of Archie Preston, Mrs. G. W. Preston until they both died abt 1870 (girls age ten).
In 1871, all three girls went to live with Virtuous & W. B. Hardemans of Blasingham District, Walton, GA.
Didda Married 1) George Norris, parents of 9 children.
2) Walter Bradberry
3) G.W. Malcolm grandfather of Mrs. J. M. Adams, this city]

Second: Julia Cook
was cared for by her maternal grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Thurmond Hawk until 1870.
Cared for by W.B. & Virtuous Hardeman until 1873, when she married George E Ivey.
Parents of 8 children, 26 grandchildren

Third: Judia Cook (named after her mother, Judia Hawk Cook)
Taken in by Virtuous Malcolm, widow of John Malcolm of Morgan County, Georgia.
Virtuous married W. B. Hardeman of Blasingame District, Walton, Georgia.
1871 All three girls, aged 11, go to live together with them until their marriages.
She married [the late] Joseph Lane; parents of eleven children, many grandchildren]


[after June 1926 Walton County Tribune]

“Triplets hale, female and hearty and sixty-six years old.
Among numerous other tokens of distinction, Walton County now claims what is believed to be the oldest triumvirate of triplets in Georgia.
This rather arresting fact was recently brought to the attention of The Tribune by Mrs. G. W. Peters of this city who has kindly furnished us with the details of the case. It happened several days ago that Mrs. Peters read in an Atlanta newspaper an article dealing with some triplets seventeen years old reporting to be the oldest in the state. Whereupon with commendable pride for her county and with no little kindly consideration for the Tribune and its readers, she proceeded to unravel the life story of Walton's novel trio.
Getting back to the triplets, they are as follows, Mrs. G. E. Ivey, of Good Hope, GA, Mrs. Joseph Lane of Rebecca, GA, and Mrs. Ganaway Malcolm of Eastville, GA. They have numerous relatives throughout Walton and adjoining counties, being remotely related to Mrs. Peters and being great-aunts to Misses Willie Mae and Julia Cook, formerly of this city but now of Athens. They are also sisters of Mr. Thurmond J Cook, Well known in Walton County. Simultaneously these three remarkable sisters arrived at the age of sixty-six years on the third day, even the date is in terms of threes, of the May which has just gone by. This fact was commented upon in Sunday Atlanta Journal, which carried a rotogravure photograph of the triplets.
Their last reunion occurred in Monroe last October when the three came here to attend a meeting of the Oconeee Primitive Baptist Association. On a similar occasion, twelve or thirteen years previous, they had been photographed together at Monroe. This was the picture carried in Sunday's Journal. There is still in existence another photograph of the trio, snapped when they were at the age of fourteen.
Their lives have been eventful and interesting. They were born, to begin at the beginning, on 3 May 1860.They were born near Ebenizer church in Walton County, their parents being Matthew and Judia Hawk Cook, substantial and highly respected Waltonians. Mr. and Mrs. Cook apparently desired to have the three children as similar in name as in appearance for they were christened Julia, Judia and Judida. Numerous prominent people from Monroe and Walton County, it is said, visited the home to view the little ones. Among them were Richard Walker, father of Mr. Chas. M Walker, Henry Walker, W. S. Walker and the late B. S. Walker.
While they were only three weeks old their mother died and the father soon followed her to the grave; so that three little sisters, looking very much alike, very pink and pretty and doubtless very much frightened, said goodbye to one another and wandered into separate ways. Like the infant Moses, adrift in the bulrushes of King Herod's garden, they found a kindly fate awaiting them in the form of neighborly relatives and friends. Julia was cared for by Mr. and Mrs. Thurmond Hawk, Pioneer citizens of this county, until she was ten years of age; then both her grandparents died of Smallpox. She was then cared for by other relatives until 1873, she was married to Mr. George E. Ivey. She is now the mother of eight children and had twenty-six grandchildren and one great grandchild. So much for Julia.

Little Judia fell into the kindly hands of Mrs. Virtuous Malcolm, the widow of John Malcolm of Morgan County. When Judia was a few years old her foster mother married the late W. B. Hardeman of Blasingame's district, father of Mrs. Sallie M Nunnally of Monroe. When the three girls were eleven their grandparents having died, they went to the Hardeman home and there remained until they were married. At the age of 14 all 3 became members of the Rock Creek Primitive Baptist Church. Judia became the wife of the late Joseph Lane of Newton County. She is the mother of eleven children and has a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren. One daughter, Mrs. Jim Edmonds, is living in this City., [Comment: All three girls became members of the Rock Creek Primitive Baptist Church at age of 14 (1874), Walton, Georgia, United States, living in home of Virtuous Malcolm, widow of John Malcolm, Morgan County. She married W. Hardeman of Blasingame District, GA, where [all three girls] went together at the age of 11 (1871) [and lived until their respective marriages.]

Judidia's fate is even more eventful. Mr. William Preston, a brother to the late H. H. G. Preston came all the way from Monticello in a buggy to seek the motherless infant. He tucked her into a small wooden box, pillowed her as comfortable as possible and set out on the long journey home. She remained at Monticello until the death of her foster parents again left her to shift for herself. Together with the little firl left by Mr. and Mrs. Preston, she wen to live with the late Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Preston, great-grand parents of Mr. Archie Preston, Mrs. G. W. Peters and others in this city. There they lived until they were eleven years old, as told above, when they went to live with the Hardemans. Judida Married the late George Norris, by whom she had nine children. She also had several grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Her second husband was the late Walter Bradberry. She is now the wife of Mr. Ganaway Malcolm, who, like Julia's husband, is a great grandson of Elder G. W. Malcolm, grandfather to Mrs. J. M. Adams, of this city."


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