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Publishing Options

Publishing your own personal or family history is much easier today than it was several years ago. There are a lot of companies that can help you with the publishing process. Here's a few to begin with:

  • Blurb
  • BookSurge
  • BYU Cougar Prints
  • Cherish Bound
  • Create Space
  • Family Heritage Publishers and Treasured Ink
  • Gateway Press
  • Genealogy Printing Co.
  • Heritage Makers
  • iPhoto Books
  • iUniverse
  • Lulu
  • Memory Press
  • My Publisher
  • Pyxlin
  • U Build a Book

Learning About Print-on-Demand

There are a lot of options available today for printing my own personal or family history book, so I decided to conduct my own research study. The print-on-demand subject and industry is growing rapidly these days, especially on the Internet. I ran across some articles and websites that were helpful one way or another. One thing I learned was that there is a difference between print-on-demand, publish-on-demand, and vanity press.

Class on Creating Memory Books

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