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The majority of the documentation on this page was moved to the Policy namespace at FamilySearch Wiki:Policies/Proposed enhancements. When the content was moved I also deleted the content from this page. The only remaining content on this page is related to the ongoing research and documentation for policies and procedures not yet incorporated into the Policy namespace. About a year after the policy content was moved to the Policy namespace, the decision to have a Policy namespace was reversed. Consequently, all policy content needed to be moved back to the FamilySearch Wiki namespace. Follow-up work is still needed in order to finalize the policy and dispute resolution processes.


Subjects Still Under Review


  • FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Templates - This page lists all maintenance flags that have already been implemented.
  • Design and implement simplified way to add a maintenance flag to an article or a single section of an article in the Wiki.
  • Need to enhance all templates currently in the Research Wiki to include code that would update the Administrator's noticeboard. Instructions for administrators are needed for each policy, guideline, or procedure they are managing. A separate page is needed for each policy item. Content likely needed in each set of instructions includes:
Description of the policy
How to deal with reports (this is the procedure)
Results (explains the different options the Admin person can take)
Response templates (shows the code to use when adding a response to the user page related to the reported violation)
Stale reports (Admins use the reports that are old when needing to evaluate past history of violations. Sometimes the reports are archived, meaning no longer needed. Wikipedia calls this "stale")
See also

The Flagging Process Implementing flags for content and other problems in the wiki requires having a back end process already defined and implemented. This discussion item will be used to begin the documentation of the process of adding flags and more importantly, what happens after an article or image in the wiki has been flagged. Please add each question or suggestion as a separate item. Wikipedia's Clean up process article should be very helpful with this discussion. See also


Current Policies and Guidelines Articles

The following pages are located in the FamilySearch Wiki namespace. These pages may or may not be related to policies, guidelines, and/or procedures:

Wikipedia Research into Policies and Procedures

  • Policies and procedures: Read the Administrator's reading list
  • Policies and procedures: see also the research that Michael is doing this sprint: FamilySearch Wiki:How Community Governs Wikipedia

Wikipedia Content Standards Policies

  • Neutral point of view
  • Verifiability
  • No original research
  • Biographies of living persons
  • Naming conventions

Wikipedia Content Standards Guidelines

  • Conflict of interest
  • Do not use overly lengthy quotes
  • Disambiguation
  • Do not create hoaxes
  • Patent nonsense
  • Reliable sources
  • User page

Wikipedia Behavioral Standards

  • Bots
  • Civility
  • Editing policy
  • No legal threats
  • No personal attacks
  • Ownership of articles
  • Sock puppetry
  • Three-revert rule
  • User accounts
  • Vandalism
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