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My name is Barbara Rogers, I have been a new missionary with family search since November 4th and am now learning to work in Research Wiki. While I have not been active with family history, I have had some experience, most of the research on our family has been done by my mother for the last 66 years, and she has tried to teach me. Research Wiki is very new to me and I feel I am in way over my head. But with the help of the Lord I feel confident I can learn and be successful. As I was studying the Doctrine and Covenants this morning, I learned that there were prophets who were called who felt inadequate for the work, the Lord provided them with those who could help them. I feel blessed to have those who will help me. While most of our work has been done on our family lines, there are some that have dead ends and so I feel this is good for me to learn Research Wiki and I have chosen to research a country of my mothers maternal ancestors, another challenge for me, it is Croatia. I am finding that I enjoy researching and learning about my ancestors and in the process perhaps i can find information that could help others as well. Sandbox

It has been a few months now and I am learning with the help of some outstanding missionaries. I am now working on the submit to the wiki, very interesting requests. I am learning about Knowledge Authoring for the Wiki and have learned how to change links on the knowledge articles. we have formed a team of three, Diana writes the articles and I fix the links and Linda checks the work and does other things as needed, like helping us out. I have decided to extend my mission and feel that as long as I can learn and be of use this is where I should be. I worked with in the Mesa Arizona Temple for 17 and a half years in the Cafeteria, for the last 12 or so years I was the Supervisor. the thing i loved most about working in the temple, was how I was able to grow more spiritual as I worked to remain worthy to enter the House of the Lord daily. i loved the people I worked with and interacted with daily. I loved the feeling of being in the Lords house each day. And I am so glad that i get to serve a mission from home, and learn and grow. I feel the same applies to my life as I am a missionary and represent the Lord. when I think of choices each day, I think about how it reflects on the Lord, and whether I can wear the name badge and know that I can wear it proudly. To know that when I am in doubt the Lord will lift me, or send someone into my life to encourage me. We are never alone in this His work.

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