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We are eager to hear input and feedback from you because the FamilySearch Research Wiki is a community driven, community maintained site. In the spirit of honoring a community environment, we encourage you to use the FamilySearch Forums to ask research questions, help others locate answers to research questions, and post your feedback and suggestions.


We have some questions we'd like to ask you about your experience using the Wiki. Tell Us What You Think

Feedback or suggestions

If you'd like to give feedback or suggestions about this site, please:

  1. Go to the FamilySearch Wiki Feedback & Suggestions forum.
  2. Log on to the forum. At this time, it is a separate registration and sign-in than this Wiki. It may be a good idea to still use the same user name and password when you register.
  3. Post your feedback or suggestion.

Bugs or technical problems

If you are experiencing a bug or technical problem with the site, please send an email to tell us what is going wrong. We troubleshoot bugs every day, and we're very interested in hearing about any problem you are having.

This Feedback page has changed. If you're looking for the old Feedback page, see FamilySearch Wiki:Known Issues.