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=== History ===
=== History ===
[ History of the Kellog Trail] <br>
[ Nachusa:Milo Quaife]  History of the Kellog Trail<br>
[ Three Roads to the Mines] <br>
[ Three Roads to the Mines: Greg Carter, OLRHS] <br>
[  Attachment J: Historic Trails]
[  Attachment J: Historic Trails]

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Kellog Trail was a migratory route from Galena to Peoria. Originally established by Oliver W. Kellogg in and later Altered by John W. Dixon. The trail began as a shorter route to the lead mines, but later became a migration route.


Nachusa:Milo Quaife History of the Kellog Trail

Three Roads to the Mines: Greg Carter, OLRHS

Attachment J: Historic Trails

History of Lee County, Illinois: Frank Everett Stevens Vol. Chapter 3 p. 27