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The Netherlands > Noord-Holland

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For Geographical and Historical Information see: Noord-Holland

The capital city is Haarlem, see: Haarlem

A good web-site for this province is: Digitale bronbewerkingen Nederland en België Then, on the left side of the screen, find Noord-Holland and click on the Internet button located below the name of the province you are looking for.

When, in your research, you find an ancestor who came from Noord-Holland and you fill out the locality field, please do not translate the name of the province. In other words, don't write 'North Holland', but 'Noord-Holland' and make sure it is hyphenated as well. This is the correct way to enter the name of the province.


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The following unofficial and official regions are found in Noord-Holland:

  • Amstelland (the area around the Amstel)
  • Bollenstreek (the flower areas found in both Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland)
  • Gooi (usually "Het Gooi" or "'t Gooi")
  • IJmond ("The Mouth of the IJ")
  • Kennemerland
  • Noorderkwartier ("The North Quarter")
  • Noordvleugel ("The North Wing")
  • Randstad
  • Texel
  • Vechtstreek ("The Vecht Area")
  • Waterland (now effectively the municipality of Waterland)
  • West-Friesland (West Friesland)
  • Zaanstreek ("The Zaan Area")

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