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[[Image:Riverton Master Microfilm Page.jpg|frame|right]]{{Riverton_Menu}}__notoc__  
[[Image:Riverton Master Microfilm Page.jpg|frame|right|Riverton Master Microfilm Page.jpg]]{{Riverton_Menu}}__notoc__  
== Microfilm Collection and Film Ordering  ==
== Microfilm Collection and Film Ordering  ==
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=== [https://film.familysearch.org/ '''Click here'''] to order microfilm or microfiche.  ===
=== [https://film.familysearch.org/ '''Click here'''] to order microfilm or microfiche.  ===
=== [https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_iNaPZr938gWFZkc01Zd1hld1k '''Click here'''] to view a list of microfilm and microfiche available at the Riverton FamilySearch Library. ===
=== [https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_iNaPZr938gWFZkc01Zd1hld1k '''Click here'''] to view a list of microfilm and microfiche available at the Riverton FamilySearch Library. ===
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Riverton Master Microfilm Page.jpg

FamilySearch Library

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(13175 South)

Riverton, Utah 84065-8026

Monday and Friday
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Microfilm Collection and Film Ordering

  • The Library has a collection of roughly 20,000 often requested films from Europe (including Scandanavia and the United Kingdom) and the United States.
  • The library is equipped with six digital film readers that have the capability to print images or save them to storage media. There are also 19 conventional film readers along with two microfiche readers for patron use.
  • Microfilms ordered and sent to Riverton are just $2.50 each, and will be kept indefinitely at the Riverton FamilySearch Library.
  • Microfilm must be ordered online at film.familysearch.org. Select the Riverton FamilySearch Library as the default location for where you would like your microfilm/microfiche to be sent.  Notification of arrival of the film at the library will be sent to patrons auotmatically via email. 

Click here to order microfilm or microfiche.

Click here to view a list of microfilm and microfiche available at the Riverton FamilySearch Library.