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Spain Confirmations

The Spanish word for confirmations is confirmaciones. Confirmations took place whenever the Bishop visited the parish. This visit could have been annually, every other year, or as infrequently as every five or ten years. Confirmation records are not always consistently recorded. They may be recorded in separate books or in a separate of a baptism book. They might also be mingled in with other parish record types. Uses Use confirmation records to do the following: • Identify family members • Confirm the family’s residence in the parish. Content Information found regularly in confirmation records includes the following: • Name of the parish • Name of individual being confirmed along with the godparents • Sometimes parents are named, but not always. Tips • Confirmation records can help you locate children whose baptism record might be missing. • If a confirmation record is not found for a child, you will want to review death records to determine if the child died young. • Do not think that a child was confirmed at a certain age such as 7 or 8 as there have been records showing both infants and adults who were confirmed.


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