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03:23, 21 September 2015Mystic Seaport Museum.jpg (file)DiltsGD125 KB ({{Flickr | title=river walk2 | description=small wharf towards the end of the river walk with part of the Mystic Seaport museum in the background | flickr_url= | taken=2 September 2007 | photographer_url)1
23:39, 19 September 2015Sterling Memorial Library.jpg (file)DiltsGD178 KB ({{Information |Description=Yale University's Sterling Memorial Library on a sunny autumn day in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. |Source=[,_October_17,_2008.jpg File:Sterling_Memorial_Library,_O)1
21:41, 19 September 2015Albany Institute of History and Art.png (file)DiltsGD1.25 MB ({{Flickr | title=Albany Institute of History and Art ~ Albany New York ~ Historic | description=The institute's three-building complex includes the late 19th-century Rice Building, the only freestanding Beaux-Arts mansion in the city, designed by Richard )1
21:19, 19 September 2015Connecticut Historical Society.png (file)DiltsGD1.47 MB ({{Flickr | title=The entrance to the Connecticut Historical Society | description=At the Connecticut Historical Society | flickr_url=
14:39, 19 September 2015Bennington Museum.jpg (file)DiltsGD424 KB ({{Flickr | title=Bennington, Vermont | description=Bennington, Vermont | flickr_url= | taken=29 March 2014 | photographer_url= | photographer=Doug Kerr | photographer)1
16:33, 18 September 2015Homer D Babbidge Library, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT.jpg (file)DiltsGD194 KB ({{Information |description=Homer D Babbidge Library, University of Connecticut, Storrs Connecticut, USA. |date=22 March 2014. |source=[,_University_of_Connecticut,_Storrs_CT.jpg File:Homer_D_)1
03:19, 17 September 2015Campbell Library1 small.JPG (file)DiltsGD157 KB ({{Information |Description=Rowan University Campbell Library, Glassboro, New Jersey, USA. |Source=[ File:Campbell_Library1_small.JPG] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 16 September 2015).)1
19:41, 15 September 2015Rutgers Univ Alexander Library.jpg (file)DiltsGD618 KB ({{Information |description=Archibald S. Alexander Library at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. |date=2 April 2012. |source=[ File:Alexander_Library.jpg] in ''Wikimedia Commons')1
15:55, 11 September 2015Atlanta History Center rear.jpg (file)DiltsGD389 KB ({{Flickr | title=Back of the Atlanta History Center | description= | flickr_url= | taken=21 April 2012 | photographer_url= | photographer=theunquietlibrarian )1
21:48, 7 September 2015Willard Library.jpg (file)DiltsGD133 KB ({{Flickr | title=Willard Library, Evansville | description= 21 First Avenue, Evansville When you obtain a Willard Library card, you are celebrating an Evansville tradition of 120 years—patronage of the oldest public library in Indiana. Built in)2
18:31, 7 September 2015Stewart Library WSU.jpg (file)DiltsGD142 KB ({{Information |description=Stewart Library, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah, USA. |date=27 July 2009. |source=[ File:Stewart_Library_2.jpg in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 7 September 2015)1
18:13, 7 September 2015Val A Browning Library.jpg (file)DiltsGD179 KB ({{Flickr | title=Val A. Browning Library, Dixie State College | description=Morning View. Val A. Browning Library, Dixie State College during Snapshot Day 2011 | flickr_url= | taken=13 April 2011 | )1
17:53, 7 September 2015Sherratt Library SUU.jpg (file)DiltsGD148 KB ({{Flickr | title=Sherratt Library, Southern Utah University | description=Cedar City, Utah, USA. | flickr_url=
17:13, 7 September 2015MerrillCazierLibrary.jpg (file)DiltsGD397 KB ({{Information |Description=The Merrill-Cazier Library in winter at Utah State University, Logan, Utah, USA.}} |Source=[ File:MerrillCazierLibrary.jpg] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 7 Sep)1
16:24, 7 September 2015UofU Marriottlibraryfront.jpg (file)DiltsGD283 KB ({{Information |Description=The J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. The loading dock is seen on the right. The 1st floor entrance is past the protruding portion of the building, which houses an automated st)1
01:33, 6 September 2015Utah State Library.jpg (file)DiltsGD1.25 MB 1
17:59, 5 September 2015Pioneer Memorial Museum Salt Lake City Utah.jpg (file)DiltsGD84 KB ({{Information |Description = Pioneer Memorial Museum, at 300 N. Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, is the headquarters of [[:en:Daughters of Utah Pioneers|International Society Daughter)1
15:03, 5 September 2015Denver & Rio Grande Western Depot in SLC.jpg (file)DiltsGD215 KB ({{NRHP|75001815}} {{Information |Description=The Denver & Rio Grande Western Depot. This building was completed in 1910 and put into revenue service in 1911, serving railroad passengers well into the late 1900's. It currently houses the Utah State Histori)1
15:56, 2 September 2015UNa ORP.png (file)DiltsGD5 KB (== Summary == United States Naturalization online records button == Licensing == {{self|cc-by-4.0}} Category:United_States_Online_Genealogy_Records)1
15:51, 2 September 2015UM ORP.png (file)DiltsGD5 KB (== Summary == United States Military online records button == Licensing == {{self|cc-by-4.0}} Category:United_States_Online_Genealogy_Records)1
15:48, 2 September 2015UI ORP.png (file)DiltsGD5 KB (== Summary == United States Immigration online records button == Licensing == {{self|cc-by-4.0}} Category:United_States_Online_Genealogy_Records)1
15:43, 2 September 2015LDS ORP.png (file)DiltsGD4 KB (== Summary == LDS online records button == Licensing == {{self|cc-by-4.0}} Category:United_States_Online_Genealogy_Records)1
15:38, 2 September 2015DC ORP.png (file)DiltsGD5 KB (== Summary == District of Columbia online records button == Licensing == {{self|cc-by-4.0}} Category:United_States_Online_Genealogy_Records)1
15:30, 2 September 2015AI ORP.png (file)DiltsGD5 KB (== Summary == American Indian online records button == Licensing == {{self|cc-by-4.0}} Category:United_States_Online_Genealogy_Records)1
17:48, 13 August 2015Dialog-warning.png (file)DiltsGD56 KB ({{information | Description = warning sign icon. | Source = [ File:Dialog-warning.svg] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 13 August 2015), citing the [
18:13, 10 August 2015ProvisionalMetisGovernment.jpg (file)DiltsGD59 KB ({{Information |Description='''English:''' Councillors of the Provisional Government of the Métis Nation. ''Front row, L-R:'' Robert O'Lone, Paul Proulx. ''Centre row, L-R:'' Pierre Poitras, John Bruce, Louis Riel, John O'Donoghue, François Dauphinais. ')1
17:25, 7 August 2015Fort Bidwell Agency, California - NARA - 296316.jpg (file)DiltsGD107 KB ({{Information | Description = '''English:''' Photograph from an industrial survey report of Fort Bidwell Agency, California. The photgraph presumably depicts Bieber Quinn, Leroy Quinn, Sally Ann Quinn, and Sally Jack sitting on a front porch. | Source = [)1
20:48, 6 August 2015BuffaloHunters.jpg (file)DiltsGD39 KB ({{Information |Description=Buffalo Hunt under the Wolf-skin Mask, 1832–33<br> oil<br> 24 x 29 in.<br> Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Mrs. Joseph Harrison, Jr.<br><br>Before they acquired horses in the eighteenth century, Indians developed inge)1
16:11, 6 August 2015Crimapo.png (file)DiltsGD61 KB ({{Information | Description = The linguistic subdivisions of the Cree (American Indian) language. | Source = [] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 6 August 2015), citing | Date = 2004. | Author = )1
13:03, 29 July 2015Mandeville Church in Jamaica.jpg (file)DiltsGD394 KB ({{Information |Description=Mandeville Parish Church in Manchester Parish in Jamaica. Was the church of George Wilson Bridges. Founded A.D. 1816. |Source=[ File:Mandeville_Church_by)1
01:43, 29 July 2015Redhouse (Parliament) at Port of Spain in Trinadad and Tabago.jpg (file)DiltsGD181 KB ({{Information |description=Author: Anthony Mendenhall, Redhouse, Port of Spain Trinidad |date={{original upload date|2007-08-31}} |source={{Own}} |author={{user at project|Random 00021|wikipedia|en}} - Anthony Mendenhall |permission= |other_versions= }}{{)1
01:20, 29 July 2015Simplicity Beach, Mustique in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.jpg (file)DiltsGD350 KB ({{Flickr | title=Simplicity Beach, Mustique | description= | flickr_url= | taken=31 August 2008 | photographer_url= | photographer=Jason Pratt | photographer_locat)1
22:28, 28 July 2015Les Anses d'Arlet, Martinique.jpg (file)DiltsGD157 KB ({{Information |Description= '''English:''' Church of Saint-Henri des Anses-d'Arlet on Martinique in the Caribbean.<br> ''Francais:''' Église Saint-Henri des Anses-d'Arlet, Martinque. |Source=[ File:A)1
20:02, 28 July 2015Roseau, Dominica in the Caribbean.jpg (file)DiltsGD97 KB ({{Information |Description = '''English:''' Pano-wide image of Roseau Dominica taken from a cruise ship balcony docked in town.}} '''Español:''' Imagen panorámica de Roseau Dominica tomada desde el barco Cruise en el muelle en la ciudad. |Source = [htt)1
17:56, 28 July 2015Carbet Falls, Guadeloupe.jpg (file)DiltsGD411 KB ({{Flickr |title=Guadeloupe |description= |flickr_url= |taken=4 February 2009 |photographer_url= |photographer=gωen |photographer_location= |reviewer= |permission={)1
17:21, 28 July 2015Little Bay, Montserrat.jpg (file)DiltsGD215 KB ({{Flickr | title=Little Bay, Montserrat | description=Little Bay, Montserrat, the island's maritime port of entry. | flickr_url= | taken= Uploaded on 7 June 2011 | photographer_url=https://www.fl)1
15:44, 27 July 2015View of Nevis from St. Kitts.jpg (file)DiltsGD152 KB ({{Information |Description=View of the island of Nevis as seen from the south part of St. Kitts. |Source=[ File:Stkitts-view-lookingatsea.jpg] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 27 July )1
12:11, 27 July 2015St. John's Parish on Antigua.jpg (file)DiltsGD169 KB ({{Information |Description='''English:''' View of St. John of the West, in the foreground the market of the Cruise Centers.<br> '''German:''' Bilick auf St. John von Westen, im Vordergrund Einkaufszentrum des Cruise-Centers. |Source=[] in ''Wikimedia Comm)1
03:24, 27 July 2015Sint Eustatius Jewish Cemetery.jpg (file)DiltsGD127 KB ({{Information |description='''English:''' Jewish Cemetery on Saint Eustatius, a Leeward Island in the Caribbean. First burials were in 1720. |date=27 August 2014. |source=[[ File:)1
02:22, 27 July 2015Gustavia St Barts.jpg (file)DiltsGD201 KB ({{Information |Description=Gustavia on Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean. |Source= File:Gustavia_San_Barth_001.jpg in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 26 July 2015). |Date=August 1998. )1
23:19, 25 July 2015CourthouseSXM.png (file)DiltsGD1.13 MB ({{Information |Description=Courthouse on Frontstreet in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles). |Source=[ File:CourthouseSXM.png] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 25 July 2015). |Date=9 )1
22:51, 25 July 2015Marigot, Saint Martin view from Fort Louis.jpg (file)DiltsGD517 KB ({{Flickr |title=View Atop Fort Louis |description= |flickr_url= |taken=14 December 2011 |photographer_url= |photographer=Richie Diesterheft |photographer_loca)1
21:48, 25 July 2015St Phillips Church, Tortola.jpg (file)DiltsGD219 KB ({{Information |Description=Saint Phillip's Church, Kingston, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Photograph by Colin Riegels (2006) |Source=[,_Tortola.jpg File:St_Phillips_Church,_Tortola.jpg] in ''Wi)1
21:23, 25 July 2015GB Virgin Islands.png (file)DiltsGD18 KB ({{Information |Description='''English:''' Map of the British Virgin Islands. |Source=[ File:GB_Virgin_Islands.png] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 25 July 2015). |Date=4 January 2008. |Author)1
20:56, 25 July 2015Districts of the Bahamas (Labeled).png (file)DiltsGD36 KB ({{Information |Description=Map of the districts of the Bahamas. |Source=[ File:Districts_of_the_Bahamas_%28Labeled%29.png] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 25 July 2015), )1
20:24, 25 July 2015BahamianParliamentPanorama.jpg (file)DiltsGD97 KB ({{Information |Description='''English:''' Parliament of the Bahamas located in downtown Nassau. |Source=[[ File:BahamianParliamentPanorama.jpg] in ''Wikimedia Commons'' (accessed 25 Jul)1
12:55, 25 July 2015Catedral Primada in Santo Domingo.jpg (file)DiltsGD329 KB ({{Information | Description = Exterior of ''Catedral Primada'' in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This is the oldest cathedral in the Americas. | Source = [ File:Catedral_Primada_-_)1
12:19, 25 July 2015Citadelle Laferrière Haiti.jpg (file)DiltsGD164 KB ({{Information |Description='''English:''' Citadelle Laferrière in Haiti. Aerial view from an Army UH-60 Blackhawk during operation Unified Response. |Source=[[ File:Citadell)1
22:40, 24 July 2015Turks and Caicos National Museum.jpg (file)DiltsGD160 KB ({Information |Description={{'''English:''' The Turks & Caicos National Museum is located in a colonial-era Guinep House on Front Street in the capital of Cockburn Town, on Grand Turk island.<br> ''Spanish:''' El Museo Nacional de Las Islas Turcas y Caicos)1
21:44, 24 July 2015Plaza de la Catedral, La Habana, Cuba.jpg (file)DiltsGD177 KB ({{Flickr |title=Plaza de la Catedral, La Habana |description= |flickr_url= |taken=10 April 2015 |photographer_url= |photographer=Jean-Marc Astesa)1

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