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1870 Census

Dates: 1 June (5 months)

-Asked if the father or mother of the individual were foreign born
-Asked if born within the year and to give month.
-Asked if a male citizen over 21 years of age
-Asked if a male citizen over 21 years of age, who has had their rights to vote denied other than because of the grounds of rebellion or crime.
-If a male individual is missing in this Census, it may serve as a clue that he may have been a casualty of the Civil War.

-The census was to list only those abiding in the house as of June 1 (those who may have died since may be missed or children born after that date but by the time the enumerator came would not have been accounted for but again they may have.
-It has been said that many people were missed in the South.

States Covered:
Alabama Missouri
Arkansas Nebraska
California Nevada
Connecticut New Hampshire
Delaware New Jersey
Florida New York
Georgia North Carolina
Illinois Ohio
Indiana Oregon
Iowa Pennsylvania
Kansas Rhode Island
Kentucky South Carolina
Louisiana Tennessee
Maine Texas
Maryland Vermont
Massachusetts Virginia
Michigan West Virginia
Minnesota Wisconsin
District of Columbia

States Missing: (none)

Arizona Dakota Montana Utah Wyoming
Colorado Idaho New Mexico Washington


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