20 Favorite Photos of Family Love

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True Love

Mom loved to pull Dad close when a photo was being set up and say, "Come on, Boyd, give me a kiss." Sometimes he would laugh and pull back—but she would always win out with her face so full of love for him. How could he ever resist?

Say Cheese!

These are May Hooper Peterson's mom and dad—such a cute picture. I love it!

Family Pioneers

My late great-grandparents Lola Purcell and Lofia Toilolo are the originators of our Purcell and Toilolo family. I cannot wait to meet them both on the other side of the veil. I love you both, xoxo.

Like Magic

Frank Openshaw was an amateur magician—grandkids loved it!

Dear Old Dad

Frederick Eugene Scholes is with his dad, Frederick Eldredge "Fred" Scholes, about 1936 or 1937. Written on the back of photo is "close friends."

Easter Wedding

Wedding photo of Warren (28) and Doris (18) was taken on Easter, 24 March 1940. I love the happiness in their faces and the way Warren looks at Doris.

Day at the Beach

Daddy, (Bob Cutchshaw) is with his mother, Sarah Coursin, on the beach. Imagine going to the beach in a suit and hat.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Pearlie Mae Salter is with her father, Frank Salter.

Young Love

Young love blossomed about 1940 in Marysvale, Utah.

Aloha wau ia oe (I love you)!!!

I don't know why, when, or where this photo was taken. Dad must have felt much Aloha (love) for Mom to want her to have this picture with his inscription.

Old Bud

Dad bought Old Bud for $25.00, when the horse was about 2 years old. He was a family horse, but I spent more time riding him than the rest of the family put together. He was so gentle but could cut cattle with almost any horse.

The Big Day

This is Nob's and Yoshiko's wedding day at the big orange house on Logan Avenue in San Diego, California.

Sunny Day

Lavon Tracy Allred is pictured with the love of his life, his wife, Lola Kate Bair. The photo was taken in 1919.

Collared her Man

Dayton Raff and Evelyn Higginson are young and in love.

Pretty Parasols

On the far right is Ichiko Hisamune with Mitsuko and Yukio (George). The photo was taken in Japan, circa 1919.


Martinez, Romana and "Pete" Pantazes enjoy their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Matched Pair

Mom and Dad loved to square dance. And since Mom loved to sew, she made Dad's shirt and her dress to wear dancing. Note how the pattern on Dad's shirt lines up perfectly in the middle.

Warm Embrace

Evelyn, with her great-granddaughter, visited in Oklahoma. The child fell instantly in love with her, and you can see Evelyn fell in love with the child.

Sweet Valentine

Max and Maurine are at a Valentines Dance, 2011.

100 Years of Love

From 1882 to 1982—uncle Sam celebrates his 100th birthday.

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