The Discovery resource is the index of all available resources in the application and the starting point for a Web service API. The Discovery resource allows a consumer of the API to use links to locate all the resources at runtime. To access resources, consumers are no longer required to hard-code endpoint URLs nor to plug in identifiers to a URL template. This means that consumers of the API only need the URL to the Discovery resource.

The links provided by the Discovery resource should include:

  • Links to the authentication mechanism that the system supports.
  • Links to the root-level resources of the system.
  • Links that describe the policies for using the application.
  • Links that assert conformance to the various application profiles supported by the system.

The Discovery resource uses an Atom Feed to supply all its links.

Data Formats

If you make a GET request, specify the data format using the Accept header.

If you POST something, specify the media type using the Content-Type header.


Name Type Description
Authorization header The authorization carrying the OAuth 2.0 access token. See OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens.
access_token query The id of the OAuth 2 access token used for identification and authorization of the user (and agent) making the request.


GET - Read the discovery index.

Status Codes
200 Upon a successful read.

Example Requests

Read Discovery How to read the discovery resource.