The Discovery resource is deprecated. See the Discovery Resource Migration Guide for information on the migration path.

The Discovery resource is the index of all available resources in the application and the starting point for a Web service API. The Discovery resource allows a consumer of the API to use links to locate all the resources at runtime. To access resources, consumers are no longer required to hard-code endpoint URLs nor to plug in identifiers to a URL template. This means that consumers of the API only need the URL to the Discovery resource.

The links provided by the Discovery resource should include:

  • Links to the authentication mechanism that the system supports.
  • Links to the root-level resources of the system.
  • Links that describe the policies for using the application.
  • Links that assert conformance to the various application profiles supported by the system.

The Discovery resource uses an Atom Feed to supply all its links.

Data Formats


If you make a GET request, specify the desired data format using the Accept header.


If you POST something, specify the data format using the Content-Type header.

  • */*


Name Type Description
Authorization header The authorization carrying the OAuth 2.0 access token. See OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens.
access_token query The ID of the OAuth 2 access token used for identification and authorization of the user (and agent) making the request.


GET - Read the discovery index.

Status Codes
200 Upon a successful read.

Example Requests

Read Discovery How to read the discovery resource.

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