changeObjectType (JSON)

Enumeration of the possible change object types.



http://gedcomx.org/Person A person was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Couple A couple relationship was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/ChildAndParentsRelationship A child-and-parents relationship was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Man The man in a couple relationship was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Woman The man in a couple relationship was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Father The father in a couple-child relationship was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Mother The mother in a couple-child relationship was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Child The child in a couple-child relationship was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/SourceReference A source reference was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/DiscussionReference A discussion reference was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/EvidenceReference An evidence reference was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Affiliation An affiliation fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Annulment An annulment fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/BarMitzvah A bar mitzvah was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/BatMitzvah A bar mitzvah was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Birth A birth fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Burial A burial fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Christening A christening fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Cremation A cremation fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/CommonLawMarriage A common law marriage fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Death A death fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Divorce A divorce fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Marriage A marriage fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/MilitaryService A military service fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Naturalization A naturalization fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Occupation An occupation fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Religion A religion fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Residence A residence fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Stillbirth A stillbirth fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Fact A fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Caste A caste fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Clan A clan fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/NationalId A national id fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Nationality A nationality fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/PhysicalDescription A physical description fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Ethnicity An ethnicity fact was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Gender A gender was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Note A note was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Name Name was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/BirthName A birth name was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/AlsoKnownAs An AKA name was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/MarriedName An married name was changed.
http://gedcomx.org/Nickname An nickname was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/DiedBeforeEight A died before eight fact was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/TribeName A tribe name fact was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/BirthOrder A birth order fact was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/LifeSketch A life sketch was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/LivingStatus A living status was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/TitleOfNobility A title of nobility fact was changed.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Baptism LDS baptism ordinance.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Confirmation LDS confirmation ordinance.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Initiatory LDS confirmation ordinance.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Endowment LDS endowment ordinance.
http://familysearch.org/v1/Sealing LDS sealing ordinance.
http://familysearch.org/v1/NotAMatch A not-a-match declaration