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Person Merge


The Person Merge resource is used to analyze and perform a merge between two persons. The conclusion and source reference on the survivor person (pid) is replaced with the information on the duplicate person (dpid).

Data Formats


If you make a GET request, specify the desired data format using the Accept header.


If you POST something, specify the data format using the Content-Type header.


Name Type Description
Authorization header The authorization carrying the OAuth 2.0 access token. See OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens.
X-Reason header The reason for the merge.
dpid path The id of the duplicate.
pid path The id of the survivor.
access_token query The ID of the OAuth 2 access token used for identification and authorization of the user (and agent) making the request.
filter query The filter to apply to the merge analysis. One of "CoupleRelationships", "NonVitalConclusions", "ParentChildRelationshipsAsChild", "ParentChildRelationshipsAsParent", "SourceReferences", "VitalConclusions".



The OPTIONS method supplies information about the viability of this merge, using the Allow HTTP header. If this merge is viable, the Allow will indicate that both GET, POST may be applied. If the merge is available when the roles of the survivor and non-survivor are switched, a Link header will be supplied linking to the "merge mirror." When the merge is NOT viable, the Allow header will NOT include a GET or POST, but the Warning header may be used to obtain details as to the reasons the merge is not viable.

Status Codes
200 Upon a successful read.
450 System denied.
451 Already merged.
452 Non-unique merge candidates.
453 Gender mismatch.
454 Permission denied.
455 Permission denied.
456 Permission denied.
457 Permission denied.
458 System denied.
459 Survivor is controlled.
460 Survivor is controlled.
461 Survivor is controlled.
462 Survivor has no edit rights.
463 Survivor has no edit rights.
464 Merging would hide required information.
465 Merging would hide required information.
466 Looping pedigree.
467 Primary merge candidate cannot be merged.
468 Non-primary merge candidate cannot be merged.
469 Too many previous merges.
470 Survivor not found.
471 Duplicate not found.
472 Gender mismatch.
473 Living contributor mismatch.
474 Living status mismatch.
475 Attempt to merge parent and child.

GET - 

Read the current state of the potential merge by performing a merge analysis. The filter request parameter may be specified indicating which categories of information need to be analyzed. If no filter is specified then all categories will be used. The valid filter categories are listed below.

Filter Description
CoupleRelationships Analyze couple relationships
NonVitalConclusions Analyze non-vital conclusions
ParentChildRelationshipsAsChild Analyze parent-child relationships as child
ParentChildRelationshipsAsParent Analyze parent child relationships as parent
SourceReferences Analyze source references
VitalConclusions Analyze vital conclusions
The following results will be returned in the merge analysis.
Category Description
survivorResources A list of resources that are unique to the survivor person or have same value in both survivor and duplicate persons
duplicateResources A list of resources on the duplicate person that do not exist on the survivor person
conflictingResources A list of conflicts where the resource exists in the survivor and the duplicate persons and have different values
survivor A person resource retained in the merge process
duplicate The person resource deleted in the merge process

Status Codes
200 Upon a successful read.
204 Upon a successful query with no results.
301 If the person has been merged into another person.
404 If the person is not found.
410 If the person has been deleted.
429 If the request was throttled.

POST - This method performs a person merge as specified by a Person ID (survivor) and Duplicate Person ID along with the list of resources to be merged. All resources from the survivor person that need to be deleted must be specified. All resources that should be copied from the duplicate person to the survivor must be specified. If a resource is copied and a resource of the same type already exists on the survivor then that resource must be deleted from the survivor.

Status Codes
204 The update was successful.
404 If the requested resource is not found.
429 If the request was throttled.

Example Requests

Read Person Merge Analysis How to read an analysis for a merge of two persons.
Read Person Merge Constraint (Can Merge Any Order) How to read the constraints for a merge between two persons that can be merged in either order.
Read Person Merge Constraint (Can Merge Other Order Only) How to read the constraints for a merge between two persons that can be merged only in the other order.
Merge Person How to merge two persons.

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