Person Not A Match


The Person Not A Match resource is the list of person(s) declared as Not a Match for a specified person.

Data Formats


If you make a GET request, specify the desired data format using the Accept header.


If you POST something, specify the data format using the Content-Type header.

  • */*


Name Type Description
Authorization header The authorization carrying the OAuth 2.0 access token. See OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens.
X-Reason header The header giving the reason for adding/removing a not-a-match declaration.
dpid path The id of the not-a-match person.
pid path The id of the person.
access_token query The ID of the OAuth 2 access token used for identification and authorization of the user (and agent) making the request.


DELETE - Delete a not-a-match declaration means that the primary person could be a match with the given list of persons. If there are no persons specified in the query parameters, the operation will succeed, but do nothing. A reason string can be provided indicating why the user believes the two persons should no longer be considered as distinct individuals. The reason is sent as an 'X-Reason' value in the HTTP Headers on the request. This reason can have a maximum length of 4000 characters, and if the reason supplied is more than 4000 characters, the request will fail as an invalid request.

Status Codes
204 The delete was successful.
301 If the requested person no longer exists because it has been merged into another person.
404 If the requested person is not found.
410 If the requested person has been deleted.
429 If the request was throttled.

Example Requests

Delete Person Not-a-Match How to remove a person from the not-a-match declaration for a specific person.

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