eventType (JSON)

Enumeration of standard event types.



http://gedcomx.org/Adoption An adoption event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/AdultChristening An adult christening event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Annulment An annulment event of a marriage. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Baptism A baptism event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/BarMitzvah A bar mitzvah event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/BatMitzvah A bat mitzvah event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Birth A birth event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Blessing A an official blessing event, such as at the hands of a clergy member or at another religious rite. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Burial A burial event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Census A census event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Christening A christening event *at birth*. Note: use `AdultChristening` for a christening event as an adult. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Circumcision A circumcision event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Confirmation A confirmation event (or other rite of initiation) in a church or religion. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Cremation A cremation event after death. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Death A death event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Divorce A divorce event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/DivorceFiling A divorce filing event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Education A education or an educational achievement event (e.g. diploma, graduation, scholarship, etc.). FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Engagement An engagement to be married event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Emigration An emigration event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Excommunication An excommunication event from a church. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/FirstCommunion A first communion event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Funeral A funeral event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Immigration An immigration event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Inquest A legal inquest. Inquests usually only occur when there’s something suspicious about the death. Inquests might in some instances lead to a murder investigation. Most people that die have a death certificate wherein a doctor indicates the cause of death and often indicates when the decedent was last seen by that physician; these require no inquest. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/LandTransaction A land transaction event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Marriage A marriage event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/MilitaryAward A military award event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/MilitaryDischarge A military discharge event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Mission A mission event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/MoveFrom An event of a move (i.e. change of residence) from a location. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/MoveTo An event of a move (i.e. change of residence) to a location. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Naturalization A naturalization event (i.e. acquisition of citizenship and nationality). FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Ordination An ordination event. FTU
http://gedcomx.org/Retirement A retirement event. FTU