Change History

The FamilySearch API provides change history resources for the Person, Couple Relationship, and Child-and-Parents Relationship Change History resources.

The change history for a resource allows a view of the changes that are made to a resource by users over time. Changes are logged when adding, editing, or deleting. A change entry includes

  • An identifier for the type of change.
  • A reference to the contributor of the change.
  • A reason for the change that was provided by the contributor.
  • A timestamp for when the change occurred.
  • An old (or "original") value. In the case of a creation of a new value, however, no original value exists.
  • A new (or "resulting") value. In case of a deletion of a value, however, there is no resulting value.
  • A deleted (or "removed") value. In case of a creation of a new value or an update of an existing value, however, there is no removed value.

The Atom Feed

An Atom Feed is used to provide the set of changes for a resource. Each change is provided as an entry in the feed, which natively provides a timestamp. The contributor is provided as the author of the entry. The type of change is provided as the title of the change.

Each entry provides a custom ChangeInfo element that provides the reason for the change that the contributor gives, as well as and identifiers for the original, resulting, and removed values, if applicable. The values themselves are provided in the content of the entry.

View an example of a person change history request.