Facts are a combination of events and attributes, such as physical description and ethnicity. Facts may have a date, a place, and a value. Some facts may exist multiple times, while others are restricted to just one. The table at the end of this document lists the supported fact types and the different rules which apply to them.

When a fact only supports one conclusion, any attempts to create a second conclusion of the same type will be treated as an update to the existing value. For example, if we tried to create a person with two birth facts, the second birth fact would be treated as an update to the first.

Custom fact types can be created using the data URI scheme as specified by RFC 2397. Examples:

  • data:,Job
  • data:,Military%20Award

The following table lists the supported fact types and the different attributes which they support. Notice that FamilySearch only supports a subset of GEDCOM X conclusion types as well as a few FamilySearch specific types.

Type Scope Date Place Value Multiple Deletable
http://gedcomx.org/BarMitzvah person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/BatMitzvah person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Birth person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Burial person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Caste person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Christening person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Clan person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Cremation person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Death person X X
http://gedcomx.org/Ethnicity person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/MilitaryService person X X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/NationalId person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Nationality person X X
http://gedcomx.org/Naturalization person X X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Occupation person X X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/PhysicalDescription person X X
http://gedcomx.org/Religion person X X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Residence person X X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Stillbirth person X X X
http://familysearch.org/v1/Affiliation person X X X X
http://familysearch.org/v1/DiedBeforeEight person X
http://familysearch.org/v1/TitleOfNobility person X X X X X
http://familysearch.org/v1/TribeName person X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Annulment couple relationship X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/CommonLawMarriage couple relationship X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Divorce couple relationship X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/Marriage couple relationship X X X X
http://gedcomx.org/AdoptiveParent parent-child relationship X
http://gedcomx.org/BiologicalParent parent-child relationship X
http://gedcomx.org/FosterParent parent-child relationship X
http://gedcomx.org/GuardianParent parent-child relationship X
http://gedcomx.org/StepParent parent-child relationship X

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