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XML Data Elements
familytree (familytree-v1)
familytree (familytree-v2)
node (familytree-v2)
pedigree (ns0)

XML Data Types
assertion (familytree-v2)
assertion (ns0)
assertionAction (familytree-v2)
assertionAction (ns0)
assertionDisposition (familytree-v2)
assertionDisposition (ns0)
assertionValue (familytree-v2)
assertionValue (ns0)
change (familytree-v2)
changeAction (familytree-v2)
changeActionType (familytree-v2)
changes (familytree-v2)
changeType (familytree-v2)
characteristicAssertion (familytree-v2)
characteristicType (familytree-v2)
characteristicValue (familytree-v2)
citation (familytree-v2)
citationField (familytree-v2)
citationFieldType (familytree-v2)
citationType (familytree-v2)
combineSeparateAction (familytree-v2)
contact (familytree-v2)
contributor (familytree-v2)
contributorAlias (familytree-v2)
contributorReference (familytree-v2)
contributorReference (ns0)
date (familytree-v2)
dateAstro (familytree-v2)
discussion (familytree-v2)
entityReference (familytree-v2)
entityReference (ns0)
entityVersion (familytree-v2)
errorLevel (fsapi-v1)
eventAssertion (familytree-v2)
eventType (familytree-v2)
eventValue (familytree-v2)
existsAssertion (familytree-v2)
existsValue (familytree-v2)
familyReference (familytree-v2)
FamilySearchElement (fsapi-v1)
FamilySearchError (fsapi-v1)
FamilySearchProperty (fsapi-v1)
familyTree (familytree-v1)
familyTree (familytree-v2)
familyTreeProperty (familytree-v2)
familyTreeStatus (familytree-v2)
genderAssertion (familytree-v2)
genderAssertion (ns0)
genderType (familytree-v2)
genderType (ns0)
genderValue (familytree-v2)
genderValue (ns0)
lifespan (familytree-v2)
lifespan (ns0)
lifespanYear (familytree-v2)
lifespanYear (ns0)
lineageType (familytree-v2)
matchConfidence (familytree-v2)
matchResult (familytree-v2)
matchResults (familytree-v2)
mediaType (familytree-v2)
nameAssertion (familytree-v2)
nameAssertion (ns0)
nameForm (familytree-v2)
nameForm (ns0)
nameFormScript (familytree-v2)
nameFormScript (ns0)
namePiece (familytree-v2)
namePiece (ns0)
namePieceType (familytree-v2)
namePieceType (ns0)
nameType (familytree-v2)
nameType (ns0)
nameValue (familytree-v2)
nameValue (ns0)
normalizedPlace (familytree-v2)
note (familytree-v2)
ordinanceAssertion (familytree-v2)
ordinanceType (familytree-v2)
ordinanceValue (familytree-v2)
parentReference (familytree-v2)
parentReference (ns0)
parentsReference (familytree-v2)
parentsReference (ns0)
pedigree (familytree-v2)
pedigree (ns0)
person (familytree-v2)
person (ns0)
personaReference (familytree-v2)
personaReference (ns0)
personAssertions (familytree-v2)
personAssertions (ns0)
personIdentifier (familytree-v2)
personIdentifiers (familytree-v2)
personIdType (familytree-v2)
personPersona (familytree-v2)
personPersonas (familytree-v2)
personProperties (familytree-v2)
personProperties (ns0)
personReference (familytree-v2)
personReference (ns0)
personRelationships (familytree-v2)
place (familytree-v2)
postalAddress (familytree-v2)
proxy (familytree-v2)
proxyRole (familytree-v2)
relationship (familytree-v2)
relationshipAssertions (familytree-v2)
relationshipProperties (familytree-v2)
relationshipQuery (familytree-v2)
relationshipQueryCommonAncestor (familytree-v2)
relationshipQueryConnection (familytree-v2)
relationshipQueryPath (familytree-v2)
relationshipQueryPathNode (familytree-v2)
relationshipQueryPerson (familytree-v2)
repository (familytree-v2)
repositoryType (familytree-v2)
searchMatchParameter (familytree-v2)
searchMatchParameterField (familytree-v2)
searchMatchParameterRelationship (familytree-v2)
searchMatchParameters (familytree-v2)
searchPerson (familytree-v2)
searchResult (familytree-v2)
searchResults (familytree-v2)
source (familytree-v2)
sourceDetail (familytree-v2)
sourceField (familytree-v2)
sourceFieldType (familytree-v2)
sourceType (familytree-v2)
user (familytree-v2)
userAccount (familytree-v2)
userAccountStatus (familytree-v2)
userIdentifier (familytree-v2)
userIdType (familytree-v2)
userMembership (familytree-v2)
userPermission (familytree-v2)
userPerson (familytree-v2)
userPreference (familytree-v2)
userPreferenceType (familytree-v2)
userStake (familytree-v2)
userTemple (familytree-v2)
userTerms (familytree-v2)
userWard (familytree-v2)
valueSelection (familytree-v2)
valueSelection (ns0)


The following items are available for download:


Created Feb 6, 2015 11:08:25 AM.

Copyright 2010 FamilySearch

Licensed under the FamilySearch API License Agreement (the 'License'); you may not use these files except in compliance with this License. These Sample Client Libraries are included as 'Sample Code' under that license.

You may obtain a copy of the License at http://devnet.familysearch.org/certification/affiliate-programs/familysearch-legal-agreements/APILicense.pdf

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an 'AS IS' BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

file size
LICENSE.txt 730.00bytes

ActionScript 3 Client Library

Created Feb 6, 2015 11:22:56 AM for Adobe Flex.


The ActionScript client bundle is an SWC containing the ActionScript classes that can be used with Adobe Flex to develop, for example, a Flash UI that interfaces with this public API. The ActionScript classes have been generated with an emphasis on usability, clarity, and type safety (inasmuch as ActionScript allows it). All public data types have been generated along with the services (if any) that access them.

For any services, this means that rather than using a standard RemoteObject, you can instantiate a service, register the appropriate events, and invoke the method. The service will fire the appropriate (strongly-typed) event that contains the response. Because the public client-side data types are also generated for ActionScript developers, these can be used to read and invoke any REST endpoints that provide the AMF content type (e.g. "application/x-amf").

file size
familytree-as3-sources.zip 100.43K


name version type description
flex-sdk 2.0.1 zip The flex SDK.

C Client Library

Created Feb 6, 2015 11:22:33 AM.


The C module generates the source code for the ANSI-C-compatible data structures and (de)serialization functions that can be used in conjunction with libxml2 to (de)serialize the REST resources as they are represented as XML data.

The generated C source code depends on the XML Reader API and the XML Writer API as well as the <time.h>, <string.h>, and <stdlib.h> C standard libraries.


file size description
familytree.c 2.31M
enunciate-common.c 39.70K Common code needed for all projects.

.NET Client Library

Created Feb 6, 2015 11:22:58 AM for .NET 2.0.


This bundle contains C# source code.

file size
familytree-dotnet.zip 29.95K

Java Client Library

Created Feb 6, 2015 11:22:58 AM for Java (Version 5+).


The Java client-side library is used to access the Web service API for this application.


file size description
familytree-client.jar 165.48K The binaries for the Java client library.
familytree-client-sources.jar 109.27K The sources for the Java client library.

Objective C Client Library

Created Feb 6, 2015 11:22:36 AM.


The Objective C module generates the source code for the Objective C classes and (de)serialization functions that can be used in conjunction with libxml2 to (de)serialize the REST resources as they are represented as XML data.

The generated Objective C source code depends on the XML Reader API and the XML Writer API as well as the base OpenStep foundation classes.


file size description
familytree.h 207.25K
familytree.m 1.50M
enunciate-common.h 12.81K Common header needed for all projects.
enunciate-common.m 42.61K Common implementation code needed for all projects.

Ruby Client Library

Created Feb 6, 2015 11:22:36 AM for Ruby.


The Ruby client-side library defines the Ruby classes that can be (de)serialized to/from JSON. This is useful for accessing the REST endpoints that are published by this application, but only those that produce a JSON representation of their resources (content type "application/json").

This library leverages the Ruby JSON Implementation, which is required in order to use this library.

file size
familytree.rb 217.07K