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Film Availability: Available For Loan
Film Number: 2025028


The records contained on the microfilm or microfiche you have requested are available online within FamilySearch Historical Records.

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  1. Indexes to births, deaths, and marriages in town records, 1757-1880

    Braintree (Vermont). Town Clerk

    Item 1 Index to births and deaths in town records 1757-1880 (another filming)

    Item 3 Index to marriages in town records 1780-1857 (another filming)

  2. Records of births, marriages, and deaths, 1855-1997; indexes to births, marriages, deaths, ca. 1780-1997.

    Braintree (Vermont). Town Clerk

    Item 2 Index to births and deaths, 1856-1912

    Items 4 - 6 Index to marriages, 1855-1977; births, marriages, deaths, v. 1-2, 1855-1882

  3. Cemetery deeds, 1922-1977

    Braintree (Vermont). Town Clerk

    Item 7 Cemetery deeds, 1922-1977

  4. Cemetery maps (Braintree, Vermont)

    Item 8 Cemetery maps (Braintree, Vermont)