The Power of Stories and Story@Home 2012

10 February 2012 by AndersonSF

Do your families and friends love hearing your genealogy research stories? Or does bringing up the “G” word empty the room? Why is that? Genealogists are nice people…fun, too…really. But sometimes we genealogists get fixated on details like sources, dates and places and then before the story gets good, our audience gets bored! Here’s a tip: If our families are not interested in our family history – we simply are not telling our stories right.

The Link to the Classic FamilySearch Site is Gone!

07 February 2012 by AndersonSF

We’ve heard from many of you telling us that the link to the Classic FamilySearch site no longer appears on the home page. This was not intentional and we apologize for the premature removal of this link. However, after careful consideration we’ve decided not to replace it. The reason for this is because in the very near future, we will remove the Classic FamilySearch site entirely. When that happens, the link to that site will no longer be needed. The shutdown of the Classic FamilySearch site will take place after we have completed the addition of some of our improved and new site features.

Feature Changes in—27 January 2012

31 January 2012 by AndersonSF

Feature Changes in—27 January 2012

Updated Tree Search Form

A new Trees search screen has been added to the FamilySearch search page. You can access this search screen by clicking the Trees tab.

Using the FamilySearch Record Collections

27 January 2012 by AndersonSF

Using the FamilySearch Record Collections

We’ve received many comments from FamilySearch users telling us that they find the name of an ancestor in an index but cannot find a record for them. Or, if record images are available, they have to go through hundreds of records in order to find the one they want. Let me explain a couple of tips that will help make your search a more pleasant experience.

Your Stories

23 January 2012 by AndersonSF

Your Stories

I attended Robert Frost Elementary School. At the time, I didn't know what that meant. All I knew was that the school was kind of “groovy” because there weren't any walls in most of the building. None. I could stand in my fourth grade “learning space” and play my $2.00 plastic saxophone, and my brother could hear my "Taps" in his second grade “learning space” on the other side of the school.

As it turns out, the “no walls” approach was excellent if you were pursuing a Master's degree in “Kum By Ya,” but it wasn't an ideal way to educate grade schoolers.

FamilySearch Tips

04 January 2012 by AndersonSF

FamilySearch Tips

There is a great supplemental lesson that provides a powerful video clip showing 5 excellent search strategies for finding names in FamilySearch. It's called FamilySearch Tips. This is one of the best instructional video clips I’ve seen in a long time.

Feature Changes in—21 December 2011

29 December 2011 by AndersonSF

The latest release of FamilySearch includes only a few changes, none of which were huge. These changes were made to make your search experience a little easier and to speed things up. They include the following:

A Tradition of Storytelling

13 December 2011 by AndersonSF

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was listening to books on tape. I loved hearing the stories and looking at the pictures in the book while the voice on the recording carried me down the lane or to some far away land. There was a feeling created when I listened to the stories. It was a feeling of peace and contentment knowing that all would turn out right in the end, even if the princess had some challenges along the way. But what I loved even more than these stories on tape, was listening to my mom and dad tell me their stories.

Feature Changes in—23 November 2011

23 November 2011 by AndersonSF

Replacement of the Basic and Advanced Search Forms
The first thing you will notice is that there is no longer a basic or an advanced search form. The new form is simpler than the old basic form, but makes all the power of the advanced form, and more, visible and easily accessible to the user. The single search form allows you to see all the options available, all in one view. It allows you to click on search fields to open or collapse them as needed.

Using the New FamilySearch Historical Records Search Form

23 November 2011 by AndersonSF

Below is a summary of what the new historical records search form offers and how to use it. Most users will find this new form simpler to use, more intuitive to interact with and more powerful than the older forms

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