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The Italian Ancestors international service project needs online volunteers to achieve its incredible objectives! Media, societies, archives, universities, libraries, and any organization interested in Italian culture and heritage are invaluable in helping create awareness of the Italian Ancestors project and generating online volunteers.

Tens of thousands of online volunteers are needed to create free searchable indexes online of 115+ million historic Italian birth, marriage, and death certificates. Sponsors help create excitement throughout the project. In some cases, sponsors can reach individuals or organizations knowledgeable in Italian civil registration records—helpful in producing high quality, accurate online indexes.

Sponsor Benefits

The Italian Ancestors international service project provides opportunities for your organization and a method for delivering several benefits:

Affiliation with arguably the most significant Italian international service effort ever.

Help provide free access to important Italian historical records for genealogical research and academic studies.

A way to engage volunteers online while lending additional purpose to your organization.

The creation of a quality index of high value and interest to your followers and future generations.

Increased visibility for your organization to Italian communities worldwide.

Quicker access to Italian civil registration records for your followers and the public.

Sponsor FAQs

Can we work on a project of our choice?

The Italian Ancestors project is a massive undertaking. There are dozens of active Italian Ancestors (Antenati Italiani) projects currently available with more coming. Your organization can promote and sponsor a particular project or any available projects of interests to your subscribers.

The work of completing indexes moves fastest if volunteer efforts are concentrated on a select number of projects. If you have a productive group of volunteers interested in a project that has yet to be activated, contact Orvill Paller (pallerOS@familysearch.org) to discuss possibilities.

How big is this project, and how does it compare with others?

The current scope of this initiative includes about 250 million records, close to a billion possible names, which is over 20 times as large as the 1940 US Census effort recently completed.

What do I need to do to get started?

Use your current sources of communication to create awareness for the Italian Ancestors project. You can use any of the promotional tools for sponsors to help you. Many Italian Ancestors projects are already available to index. Refer individuals to the following page to learn more about this project or get started indexing.

What promotional materials are available?

Promotional materials, including e-badges, banner ads, print ads, handouts, and posters, are available online. See the Resources page for free promotional tools.

Where can I learn more?

Most of what you need can be found at FamilySearch.org/Italian-ancestors.

What level of commitment is required?

Any commitment is acceptable. Options include adopting a specific collection, participating for a period of time, or even just making your membership aware of the opportunity.

Society Sponsors

Image of Point badge: Pursuing Our Italian Names Together Image of Casa Italia badge for Casa Italia Chicago: Italian Cultural Center

Promotional Tools

Communicating with your organizations' members or followers frequently and through different methods can be most effective in getting them engaged in the Italian Ancestors international service project.

Most of the materials are editable templates, which you may customize to meet your needs. They can be found on our Resources page.


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