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1900 Census

Source: 1900 US Census; Enumeration District 32. Precinct 2, Baldy, Colfax County, New Mexico. 15 June 1900


Place of Birth:

New Mexico (38), Total Others (73). Others = Arkansas (1); California (1); Colorado (2); Illinois (14); Indiana (3); Indian territory (2); Iowa (4); Kansas (1); Kentucky (1); Michigan (2); Missouri (6); Nebraska (1); New Hampshire (2); New York (1); North Carolina (1); Ohio (1); Pennsylvania (5); Tennessee (1); Texas (7); Virginia (3); Canada (2); England (2); France (1); Germany (2); Ireland (5); Sweden (2);


Placer Miner (8); Quartz Miner (16); Blacksmith (1); Day Laborer (7); Engineer (1); Farmer (7); Farm Laborer (1); Groceries Salesman (1); Mail Carrier (1); Mill Right (2); Mine Manager (1); Mine Secretary (1); Mine Superintendent (1); Packer (1); Prospector (4); School Teacher (1);  Wood Chopper (1);

Persons listed alphabetically in the 1900 US Census for Baldy, Colfax County, New Mexico.


Arellano, Jose, March 1850, Placer Miner, New Mexico; Juanita, April 1845, Colorado;

Awald, J.L., February 1859, Quartz Miner, Texas;

Awald, L.F., June 1866, Day Laborer, Texas; Lissie, February 1873, Missouri; Alline, October 1894, Texas; Letrice, October 1895, Texas; Ray, December 1896, Indian Territory;

Barauvau, Z*ygora, July 1853, Mine Manager, England,

Baruel, Henry, July 1842, Quartz Miner, France;

Biddle, Leopold, January, 1830, Quartz Miner, Germany;

Butler, L.F., May 1855, Mine Secretary, Pennsylvania;


Chaplain, L.L., July 1869, Farm Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Claunce, P.R., May 1871, Quartz Miner, Missouri;

Cor*mell, Margaret A., April 1883, New Mexico;

Conler, Charles H., August 1865, Blacksmith, Illinois; Maggie, December 1867, Missouri; Stuart R., Mar 1893, Missouri; John H., November 1895, Missouri;

Dale, M.C., February 1856, Mill Right, Pennsylvania;

Davis, **, September 1874, Engineer, Michigan,

Dix, Willis, September 1854, Day Laborer, Indiana;


Finch (Finby), Harvey (Henry), Aug.1860, Quartz Miner, California;

Girske, B. W., January 1867, Placer Miner, Michigan;

Guilfoyle, G.E., April 1874, Quartz Miner, Illinois,

Hoorner (Houer or Krewer), Alleson, April 1863, New Mexico; William, October 1881, Day Laborer, New Mexico; Charles C, December 1884, Day laborer, New Mexico; Mary L, March 1887, Samuel J. Feb 1889, New Mexico;

Hourst, Oskar, November 1882, Indian Territory;


Jackson, J., April 1825, Farmer, England; Joseph, May 1867, Farmer, Illinois; Thomas, December 1870, Farmer, Illinois; Sara E., January 1873, Illinois; Lousie M., December 1874, Illinois; Agnes, May 1877, Illinois; John C., June 1878, Farmer, Illinois; Allis (Allie), April 1880, Illinois;

James, John, April 1851, Quartz Miner, Ireland;

McCormick, Michael, May 1855, Prospector, Ireland;

Mead, E. L., May 1837, Placer Miner, New Hampshire; Addie C., June 1874, Virginia; Dalmar, August 1899, Virginia;

Miller, Daniel, June 1861, Prospector, Canada;

Montoya, Antonio, April 1858, Placer Miner, New Mexico;

Moseman, John, January 1834, Placer Miner, Germany; Calladonia, March 1856, New Mexico;

                  George, November 1876,  New Mexico; Lessie, August 1877, New Mexico; Sofia February 1880, New Mexico;

                  Maria, August 1886, New Mexico; Carolina, May 1889, New Mexico; William, June 1894, New Mexico;

                  Charles, June 1897, New Mexico; Josefina, June 1898, New Mexico;

Munroe, Alex, June 1860, Quartz Miner, Canada;


Olona, Benina, January 1888, New Mexico;

Osborn, Samuel, Jan.1862, Prospector, Indiana;

Peterson, Thomas, March 1840, Placer Miner, Sweden;

Railey, Beattere (Bestin), October 1875, Texas;

Railey, Mark H., December 1839, Farmer, Kentucky; Clementina A., October 1853, Iowa;

Rand (Baud), Clifton J., May 1842, Placer Miner, New Hampshire; Janice (Jannie), March 1863, New Mexico;

                   Lourie (Lousia) N., September 1877, New Mexico; Alphonso, March 1882, Placer Miner, New Mexico;

                  Joseph H, November 1888, New Mexico; Antoinette, April 1891, New Mexico; John B, Feb.1895, New Mexico;

                  Mary R., July 1896, New Mexico; Agusta C., August 1898, New Mexico;

Rockwell, William, March 1867, Quartz Miner, Colorado; Maria, March 1876, New Mexico; Ida, June 1896, New Mexico;

Ruibal (Roybal), Juan D., May 1851 (1857), Packer, New Mexico; Ruperta, January 1857, New Mexico;

                   Julia, February 1877, New Mexico; Frank, February 1884, Day Laborer, New Mexico;

                   Fred, December 1886, New Mexico; Peter, September, 1890, New Mexico;


Scott, W.C., Feb.1850, Mine Superintendent, Iowa;

Searle, A.W., Dec 1857, Mill Right, Illinois;

Shores, Howard B., August 1868, Wood chopper, North Carolina;

Slack, Roy, August 1878, Day Laborer, Kansas;

Slattery, Edward, Oct. 1853, Quartz Miner, Ireland;

Serves (Lerwes or Lewes), Lorenso (Lorence), April 1838, Farmer, Pennsylvania;

                      Cathren (Cesterian or Arthern) G., December 1814, Pennsylvania;

Swanson, J.A., October 1862, Quartz Miner, Sweden;

Tanner, John W., May 1859, Quartz Miner, Illinois;


Varges (Vargas), Francisco, February 1857, Mail Carrier, New Mexico; Caroline, March 1871, New Mexico; Margarita, June 1892, New Mexico; Rumalita, December 1893, New Mexico

Vickrey, T. F., June 1874, Farmer, Missouri; Tessie, June 1876, Texas, Jimmy, September 1898, Texas;

                   Elizabeth, May 1844, Tennessee; Jim B., April 1880, Arkansas;

Wallace, A.C., June 1836, Quartz Miner, New York;

Weber, James, November 1866, Quartz Miner, Ireland; Annie, September 1869, Ireland;

                  John, November 1893, Illinois; James, October 1895, Illinois; Thomas, January 1898, Illinois;

Weinc*ob, R.C., Jan 1852, Day Laborer, Ohio; Maggie, January 1857 Iowa; Bessie B., January 1881, Schoolteacher, Iowa.

Welborne, Ray, April 1873, Quartz Miner, Nebraska;

West, George, July 1837, Prospector, Virginia;

Wilkinson, F.E., October 1847, Groceries Salesman, Indiana;


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