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One of the villages in the district of Losheim am See.

Church Records

Access in Europe limited to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Britten was part of the parish of Sankt Peter, Merzig as an annex until 1800. It is possible some of Bergen's residents are recorded here.

Taufen 1672-1800 2119749 to -2119750
Heiraten 1729-1800
Tote 1771-1800

Katholische Kirche Kirchenbuchduplikat

In 1803, the Britten parish was reorganized to include Hausbach and Bergen. Prior to 1803, Bergen was part of Losheim while Hausbach was part of Brotdorf parish. Records in German and Germanized Latin.

Taufen 1784-1798 1051705 item 4
Konfirmationen 1784-1798
Heiraten 1784-1798
Tote 1783-1786, 1771-1783, 1787-1798
Familienbuch 1800-1845 1858655 items 1-8
Taufen 1798-1890
Heiraten 1799-1846
Kommunikanten 1852-1893
Heiraten 1847-1899
Tote 1798-1897

Zivilstandsregister (Civil Registration)

'Besseringen district. Records in French and German. In 1798, the French Republic government, then the occupier of the west bank of the Rhine until 1815, required the civil registration.

Includes Besseringen, Saarholzbach, Britten, Mettlach, Ponten, Keuchingen, Sankt Gangolf, and Hausbach.

Geburten 1798-1828 1051717
Geburten 1829-1847 1051718
Heiraten 1798-1822, 1826-1833 1051719
Heiraten 1834-1847 1051720
Tote 1799-1833 1051721
Tote 1833-1847 1051722

Mettlach district. Records in German. District office was transferred to Mettlach. Includes Besseringen, Saarholzbach, Britten, Mettlach, Ponten, Keuchingen, Dreisbach, Sankt Gangolf, and Hausbach.

Geburten 1848-1863 1051723
Geburten 1863-1875 1051724
Heiraten 1848-1859 1051725
Heiraten 1859-1875 1051726
Tote 1848-1864 1051727
Tote 1865-1875 1051728


Familienbuch Mettlach und Umgebung covers Britten 1698-1920.



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