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Known Issues

Question #1: Most individual are not linked together in family units in this collection. On the records details page you find some individuals linked as family units, but it is seldom the entire family. Is there a way to find family members?
Answer #1: There are two ways to work around this problem:
One way to group individuals together in their proper family units is to search for the name of one member of the family. From the record details page you will see a category titled Census Place which contains the following type of information: 02, Ward 01 a, West Halifax 196, Nova Scotia. Refine your search by using only the surname and by copying the Census Place information into the residence place search box. Then search again. All individuals with that surname residing at that census place will be displayed. You will have to look at the indexed information of each individual listed to find the page and line number on which this name was recorded on the original census record. Families will be grouped sequentially on the same page or neighboring pages. This is not ideal, but it is a workaround until the family members are properly linked together in this collection.

The other way is to go to the Library and Archives Canada website. There you can search for a family member. When the information about that person is displayed, you can then view the image of the original record by selecting PDF or JPG above the person’s name.

Question #2: When I try to narrow the search results by adding a location, such as St-Raphael, no records are found. How can I refine the search and still get results.
Answer #2: Sometimes you can get results by using the wild card (*) in front of or following a portion of the location. For example *Raphael will find St-Raphael records.

Question #3: What does the letter O for birthplace mean.
Answer #3: The field for birth place asks for the country or province of birth. There is just one province in Canada beginning with the letter O, so the O in almost all case would stand for Ontario.

Question #4: I find records from DGS 4396337 Canada Census Film C-9945 that give the residence as being in Nova Scotia. Is this correct?
Answer #4: No. All records from DGS 4396337 Canada Census Film C-9945 are from Ontario, District no. 32 North Waterloo and District no. 33 South Wellington.

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