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Filomeno Gallegos, p.59-60;  Luis Garcia, p.266;  Garry, p.219;  Francisco Gauna, p.266;  Ira Gave, p.212;  Gelaino, p.106;  James T Gibbons, p.211;  Fayette Gillespie, p.207;  Gillum, p.208;  N.A.Glasford, p.266;  Charles Glasgow, p.218;  Jose Gonzalez, p.70;  George Greeley, gs, p.219;  Francisco "Pancho" Griego,p.1. llnenm, photo p.244,p.110,112-113;  W. W. Griffin, p.160, p.85,89-91,103,115,126,160,187,239note18;  ;  P. Grover, p.229;  Gynch, p.219;


Charlie Hall, p.210;  Hamburger,p.211;  Hamilton, p.219;  S. Hanna, p.229;  Doc Harmon, bhsp;  Harrison, p.219;  Dr H.B. Hayden, bhsp;  Gus Heifner, p.68;  Herman Heller, p.219;  H. Henry, p.230;  Joseph Antonio Herberger, gs, p.219;  J.D. Henderson, p.217;  Pere Henderson, p.211;  Wall Henderson, gs, p.219;  John T. Hill, p.266;  Dr. Hines, bhsp;  John Hixenbaugh, p.212;  George Hobb, p.169;  Joseph "Joe" Holbrook, p.68-70;  Jack Holland, p16, photop.240;  Charles F Hortenstein, p.266, bhsp;  William Howells, p.208;  B.F. Houx, p281;  M.T. Hudson, p.207;  James K. Hunt, p.266;  Julius Hunter, p.200;  Bill Huron, p.219;  Frank Hutchinson, bhsp;



Coal Oil Jimmine, p.70;  Walter L Johnson, p.207;  Calvin Jones, p.71;  Ed Jones,p.212;  Jack Jones, p16;  Antonio Joseph, p.204-5;  Anna N Joyce, p.266;


Max H. Karlsruher, p.266;  Stephen Watts Kearney, schc, p.207;  Bronson Kelly,p219;  Charles Kennedy, gsjh, p2;  Sam Ketchum and brother, pris, ket, bhsp, llnenm, p.70;  Kilgore,p.168;  Kinsinger, p.219;  Russ A Kistler, p.208;  Kramis, bhsp;  Mary Krelberg, bhsp;  William H. Kroenig, p10, p.67p.218-9;  Harry Kyle, p.169;


Judge Ladd, bhsp;  Mrs. C.B. Ladd, p.118,134;  Lail, p.70;  Henry Lambert,js, p2, p.67-72;  C. Lara, p.112-113;  Jose Largo,p.78,99-100;  Pomeroy Laughlin, p.69;  Albert Lawrence,p.212;  William Ellsworth "Elzy" Lay, pris;  Dave H. Leahy, p.266, bhsp;  Larry Leahy, bhsp;  Lee, p.231;  Thomas D. Leib, p.167, p.266, bhsp;  John J Lillie, obit; August E. Lindsey, bhsp:  Linthurst, p.211;  Marion Littrell, bhsp, p.210, p.231;  J.W. Llewelling, p.192-193,200;  Maria Paula Beaubien Lobato, p.31.51-52;  Chief Lobo, p.40,43;  Loeb, p.207;  Bill Long,p.106;  Dr. Robert H. Longwill,llnenm, p.92,112-113,240note30;  Ignacio Lopez,p.138,154-155;  Henry M Love, pris;  Joseph Lowrey, p.219; Thomas Lowthian, p.67p.219;  Juan Cruz Lucero,p.163, p.266;  Lucy, p.231;  Matthew Lynch, p.219;  Harry Lyon, p.106;  Judd Lyons, p.207-8;  Pat Lyons, p.219;


Russell Marcy, p.162;  Henry Marks, p.70;  Walter G Marmon, p.115-117,120,122,153,182,187;  A. Martin,p.229;  James Martin, p.201;  Guillermo Martinez, p.266;  Seferino Martinez, p.165;  Hans Mattson, p.168;  Deluvina Maxwell, photo, p.69:  McAlpine, p.211;  McAuliffe, p.168;  McClure, bhsp;  McCuistion, p.212;  John McCullough, p.68;  William McCullum, p.211;  G. McDermott, p.230;  H. McGarvey, p.230;  William H "Mac" McGinnis, pris;  Dr McGroey, bhsp;  Alex McIntyre, p10;  William McIntyre, p10;  Rev. O. P. McMains,p1, p.161, llnenm, p.168, p.191, p.110-111,113,131,137,148,191,195-201,255n13,256n28,33;  Bob McManus, p.70;  McMurdo, p.231;  Thomas W. McSchooler, p.266;  Francisco Miera, p.166;  Harry Miller, p.169;  Teodora Beaubien Miller, p.239 - photo;  Melvin W Mills, p.157-8, bhsp, llnenm, p.52,112-113,114,154;  Big Mitch, p.219;  Robert W Mize, p.266;  Elizabeth Moore, p.219;  John Moore, p.219;  William Moore, p10,p.106, p.218;  James Morgan, pris;  Charles Morris, p.69;  Robert Morris,p.266;  William Morris, p.212;  John Morrow, p.166,p.266; Andrew Morton, bhsp;  Mosby, p.69;  Frederick Mueller. p.53,231note27;  Teodora Beaubien Mueller, p.53;  Myer, p.207;


A. Nair, p.230;  Juan Navarro, p.168;  George Nichols,bhsp;  Fernando Nolan, p.158;  Dr S.I. North, bhsp;  N. Nutter, p.230;  C.A. Nyhus, p.266;


Arthur H. Officer,p.266;  Ned O'Hara, p.219;  Elmer F Oille, p.169;  Olona, bhsp;  Pony O'Neil, p.219-220;  J. Osfield, p.207;  Jennie J Ostlund, p.266;  Miguel A. Otero, p.50, p.14,92,240note30,;  Col. Owensby, p.230;


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