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Danish English
lade, lod permit, let, allow to
land boelsmand tenant farmer
landet rural area
landmand farmer
landsarkiv state or provincial archive
landsby village
landsoldat soldier
lappeskomager cobbler
laugværge guardian
lavværge widow’s spokesman (guardian)
leje hire
lejer tenant
lensherre feudal overlord
leve, levede live, lived
lever is sustained
leverandør supplier, contractor
liden little, small
lidt af suffered from (cause of death)
lig corpse
ligeledes also, as well, likewise
ligesaa the same, likewise
ligprædiken sermon at funeral
lille small, little
liv life
livløs dead
lod fate, lot, destiny
logerende tenant
lokal local
lov law
lovlig legal, lawful
lovlydelig respect for the law
lovstridende illegal
lud fattig destitute
lungebetændelse pneumonia
lysning banns (marriage)
lægd military levying district
lægdsrulle military levying roll
læge doctor, deputy doctor
længe long
lærer teacher
lærling student, apprentice
læse read
løbenummer serial number
Lørdag Saturday


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