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Danish English
m.v. = med videre with more
maaned month
madmoder woman of the house, housewife
maitresse mistress
Maj May
maler painter
malkepige dairymaid
mand man
Mandag Monday
manden the man
mandfadder godfather
mandkjøn (køn) males, male gender
mange many
marine naval, navy
marinesoldat seaman in military
mark field
Marts March
matrikel land registration
matros sailor
mavesyge stomach ailment, diarrhea
med with
med afdøde with deceased
med videre with more
medhjelper assistant
medhustru concubine, secondary wife
mejerist dairyman
mejerske dairymaid
men but
mere more, additional
menighed congregation
mester master (trade)
middag noon
midlertidig temporarily
midnat midnight
mig me
mil metric mile (10 kilometers)
militær military
min, mit mine, my, mine
minde consent, permission, remind, rememberance
mindste smallest, youngest
minearbejder miner
minut minute
modtage receive
moder, mor mother
moderen the mother
morbroder uncle, mother’s brother
mord murder
morfader, morfar mother\'s father
morgen morning
mormoder, mormor mother\'s mother
mortis (Latin) of death
mose moor, bog
moster aunt, mother’s sister
murer mason
musiker musician
myndig of age (legal)
mælkekusk milkman
mænd men
mæslinger measles
maiden, virgin
møbelhandler furniture dealer
mødom virginity
mødte met
mølle mill
møllebygger millwright
møller miller
maaned month
maaske perhaps, maybe


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