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Vor Frue parish is one of the oldest parishes in København. The parish has undergone many changes throughout the years. The following is a timeline of events for the parish:

  • 1683 - A part of the parish was seperated and incorporated into Trinitatis parish
  • 1685 - A part of the parish was seperated into Skt. Nikolaj parish
  • 1736 - The parish was again split and the seperated part was annexed by Frederiksberg parish
  • 11 Jan 1805 - Part of Skt. Nikolaj parish was added to Vor Frue when the parish closed
  • 1861 - The parish was split again and the seperated part became a part of the new Skt. Johannes parish
  • 1877 - The boundaries between Vor Frue and Skt. Johannes were again changed
  • 13 May 1908 - Part of Skt. Matthæus parish was annexed. Also, part of Vor Frue went to Helligånds parish
  • 1930 - The parish was split again and the seperated part became a part of the newly established Christiansborg Slotsogn
  • 3 Sept 1942 - Part of Skt. Andreas parish was added to Vor Frue.

Vor Frue parish is also known as Domkirken or Københavns Domkirke

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Street Names


Bispetorvet, Blaatorn, Bryghusgade, Børsen

Dahlerupsgade, Dyrkøb

Farvergade, Fiolstræde, Frederiksberggade, Frederiksholms Kanal, Frue Plads, Fyrens Gang

Gammel Kongevej, Gammel Nørre Port, Gammel Torv, Gyldenløvesgade, Gaasegade

Hagemannsgade, Halmtorvet, Hammerichsgade, Helligkorsstræde, Henrik Fyrend Gang, Herholdtsgade, Hestemøllestræde

Jarmersgade, Jarmers Plads, Jernbanegade

Kampmannsgade, Kanikestræde, Kattesund, Kirkestræde, Klædeboderne, Kongensgade, Krystalgade, Kultorvet

Lars Bjørnsstræde, Larslejsstræde, Lavendelstræde, Lille Fiolstræde, Lille Kannikestræde, Lille Kjøbmagergade, Lille Lars Bjørnsstræde, Lille Sankt Klemensstræde, Løngangstræde

Meldahlsgade, Mikkel Bryggersgade, Mikkel Wibes Gade

Nansensgade, Ny Børs, Ny Kongensgade, Nyropsgade, Nytorv, Ny Vestergade, Nørre Farimagsgade, Nørregade, Nørre Søgade, Nørre Torv, Nørrevold, Nørre Voldgade

Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde, Perlegaarden, Philosophgang

Raadhuspladsen, Raadhusstræde

Sankt Peders Stræde, Schacksgade, Skindergade, Skinderstræde/Torv, Slutterigade, Smede Bakken, Smede Lange, Store Fiolstræde, Store Kannikestræde, Store Kjøbmagergade, Store Lars Bjørnsstræde, Store Sankt Klemensstræde, Stormgade, Studiestræde, Svenegade, Søndervold

Teglgaardstræde, Trommesalen, Tursensgade

Vandkunsten, Vandmøllestræde, Ved Langebro, Ved Ryrssensten, Vester Boulevard, Vesterbrogade, Vester Farimagsgade, Vestergade, Vester Søgade, Vestervold, Vester Voldgade, Vognbadstuestræde, Volden, Voldgade

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