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Guide to Eksingedal, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.


Church Records

See Hosanger

Census Records:

See Hosanger

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Farm Books

Lillejord, Sigmund and Steinsland, Eilef, Bygdebok for Modalen herad : Mo sokn og Eksingedalen sokn, Modalen : Utgjevar: Modalen sogenemnd, 1976. A genealogy of the people and their farms in Modalen in Mo and Eksingedal parishes, Hordaland county. FHL 948.32/M3 D2L A farm name index to this book is found in the following link. File:948.32-M3 D2l v1 - MODALEN-1.pdf

Online farm book for Mo The farms are Høvik, Vetlejord, Nese, Flatekvål, Lavik, Lavikhaugen, Fjellanger and Yksendal.

Online farm book for Eksingedal

Farm Names

The farm number and name of the farms listed in Oluf Rygh Farm Name Index in about 1900 were as follows:

92 Fjellanger 89 Flatkvaal 86 Høvik 91 Ladvikhaugen 90 Lavik 87 Lillejorden 88 Nese 93 Øksendal

Mo and Eksingedal parishes.

The following farms are listed in: Lillejord, Sigmund And Steinsland, Eilef, Bygdebok For Modalen Herad: Mo Sokn Og Eksingedalen Sokn, (Modalen : Utgjevar: Modalen Sogenemnd).

Almelid, Almelidneset, Bakkaluten, Bakka-Luten, Berge-Luten, Borte-Luten, Botn-Luten, Ola, Botn-Ola-uten, Bruaberget, Brutræhaugen, Bøen, Dalastrand, Dalastrnadvegen, Dalen, Dar Idn, Dar Ut, Dyrkolbotn, Eilev-Luten, Eilevluten, Eiterdalen, Elveplasset, Elvika-Luten, Espena, Farestveit, Fjellhaug, Flatekvål, Fosse, Gamletunet, Granheim, Grønhaug, Gulleik-Luten, Gulleik-Luten, Haldorluten, Hallvard-Luten, Hallvardluten, Hans-Jacob-Luten, Hans-Knut-Luten, Hans-Luten, Hans-uten, Jacob, Hans-Luten, Knut, Haugane, Haugatun, Haugen,Heimdal, Heimtun, Helland Nedre, Helland Øvre, Herlaugluten, Holmaplasset, Hugnastad, Høvik, Idn Dar, Ivar-Joans-Luten, Ivar-uten, oansJacob-Hans-Luten, Jacob-Luten, Jakob-Luten, Ola, Jakob-Ola-Luten, Joans-Ivar-Luten, Joans-ars-uten, Joans-Luten, Joans-Luten Ivar, Joans-Luten, Lars, Jo-Luten, Ola, Jo-Ola-Luten, Kanusen, Klubben, Knuta-Luten, Knut-Hans-Luten, Knut-Luten, Ola, Knut-Ola-Luten, Krossdal, Langedal Larsa-Luten, Lars-Joans-Luten, Lars-Luten, Lars-Luten, Joans, Lars-Luten,Ola, Lars-Ola-LutenLavik Lavikhaugen Liland, Luten Bakka, Luten Berge, Luten Borte, Luten Botn-Ola, Luten Ivar-Joans, Luten Jacob, Luten Jacob-Hans, Luten Jakob-Ola, Luten Joans-Ivar, Luten Joans-Lars, Luten Jo-Ola, Luten Knuta, Luten Knut-Hans, Luten Knut-Ola, Luten Lars, Luten Larsa, Luten Lars-Joans, Luten ars-Ola, Luten Magne, Luten Melands, Luten Monsa, Luten Myra, Luten Nere, LutenNils, Luten ilsa, Luten Ola-Botn, Luten Ola-Jakob, Luten Ola-Jo, Luten Ola-Knut, Luten Ola-Lars, Luten Oppe, Luten Simen, Luten Sjura, Luten Sør, Luten Troppe, Luten, Lyngen, Lyngenu, Magne-Luten, Melands-Luten, Mo Monsa-Luten, Mostraum, Myra-Luten, Nedre Helland, Nere-Luten, Nese, Nesheim, Nesttun, Nilsa-Luten, Nilsa-Luten, Nils-Luten, Nipen, Noreluten, Nore-Luten, Nottveit, Nybø, Nygard, Næsæ, Nåmdal, Ola-Botn-Luten, Ola-Jakob-Luten, Ola-Jo-Luten, Ola-Knut-Luten, Ola-Lars-Luten, Ola-Luten Botn, Ola-Luten Jakob, Ola-Luten Jo, Ola-Luten Knut, Ola-Luten Lars, Oppe-Luten, Oppeluten, Osen, Otterstad, Otterstadsanden, Røysane, Sekkeneset, Simen-Luten, Sjura-Luten, Sjøtun, Skarvaplasset, Smeluten, Sognaluten, Solvang, Steinsland, Storatræet, Storsteinstykket, Straume Stølaplasset, Sæteråen, Sør-Luten, Teigen, Torbjørnsluten, Trohaugen, Troppe-Luten, Ut Dar, Utlebøen, Vetlatræet, Vetlejord, Viki, Vonheim, Yksendal, Øvre Helland

Probate Records

1702-1910: Records are found in Nordhordaland judicial district.

1773-1810: Clerical probate records are found in Nordhordaland Deanery.


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names


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