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This information was originally compiled for the Family History Department/Family History Library from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.  Feel free to add others you have found.


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Gabriel Gabril
Gafford Jefford
Gagon Gegom
Gainsford Gannsford
Gair Geare
Galard Magalert
Galdart Gildart
Gale Gill
Galey Gealey
Gall Gill
Gallagher Jolliker
Gallaha Golloher
Gallespy Gellespy
Galloway Gallway
Gally Gelley
Gallyour Galliaw
Gambell Gamble
Gamble Gamuel
Game Garnes
Gammel Gammill
Gane Gain
Gaoghagan Geoghegan
Garbert Garbut
Gardener Gardner
Gardiner Gerner
Gardiner Gardener
Gardner Garnert
Gardner Gardiner
Gardner Garnert
Gareau Gareaux
Garens Garnes
Garioch Garrett
Garlic Garlick
Garman Garmer
Garrard Gerrad
Garrard Gerrard
Garrash Gash
Garrrat Garret
Garratt Gerrard
Garrell Garroll
Garrick Gerrick
Gartarel Garter
Garthside Garthsids
Gartleman Gartelman
Garvis Jarvis
Garway Gaway
Gascoign Gaskin
Gasley Gazely
Gastrill Gostrell
Gatham Gottheam
Gaultier Gautier
Gaylor Galer
Gaynsford Gaynesford
Geahigan Gahagan
Geard Guard
Gearing Guerin
Gebhart Gibhart
Gee Jee
Gefford Gifford
Gell Gyll
Gellan Gillan
Gelles Gillis
Gelley Gilley
Gells Gellis
Gelson Gilson
Gemmill Gammell
Geniste Jennest
Gennings Ginings
Genson Janson
Gentery Gentry
Gerlag Gerlagh
Gerrick Garrick
Gerrisk Garrick
Gervaise Gervaize
Gibben Gibbens
Gibbins Gibbons
Gibson Gipson
Gibson Glibbson
Gidson Gidsom
Gidwin Goodwin
Gifford Gilford
Gilbody Gilbury
Gilbrey Chilberry
Gilckrist Gillkrst
Giles Gyles
Gilford Guilford
Gilford Gifford
Gilles Gillis
Gillespe Galaspa
Gillett Guillett
Gillingham Ghillingham
Gillings Gillions
Gillings Julians
Gillings Jennings
Gillmor Gillmore
Gillon Gillor
Gimber Gimbo
Ginn Jane
Girwood Goddoard
Girley Gurly
Gittens Gittings
Give Gofe
Gladwin Gldon
Glancy Klancey
Glanson Clanson
Glede Gleed
Gleghorn Leghorn
Glenney Glinney
Glondy Gloudy
Glouer Glover
Glyl Guile
Godard Godin
Goddard Godthred
Godderridge Gooderidge
Godines Goodings
Goff Gough
Gold Gould
Goldie Golding
Goldsmith Gouildsmith
Goldsmith Gooldsmith
Gollason Gollaxon
Golliker Gallagher
Gomm Gomn
Gooch Gouch
Goodale Goodall
Goodden Goodwin
Gooderidge Godderridge
Goodin Goodwin
Goodwin Gooding
Goold Gould
Goollon Goolen
Goolon Goolen
Goppy Coppy
Gordon Goodan
Gordon Gordin
Gosper Gosport
Gospill Gosper
Gosport Gosper
Goswell Gosbill
Gotrey Guttrey
Goulden Goulding
Gowan Gowans
Gowdie Goudie
Gowen Couam
Gower Gowers
Gowlan Gullens
Gowlan Gullen
Gowring Gowering
Grace Grase
Graeme Graham
Graham Grimes
Graham Grahan
Graham Grigham
Graham Gream
Graham Grayham
Grailin Graylin
Grainger Granger
Grandy Grundy
Grant Gratt
Grass Crass
Grass Cross
Graves Greaves
Graves Grieeve
Graves Gravesie
Graves Grives
Gray Grey
Graylin Grailin
Greane Green
Greatreakes Greatrakes
Greatt Groutt
Green Gren
Green Grenum
Greenberry Greenbery
Greenhalgh Greenen
Greenough Grenough
Greenway Greenaway
Greenwood Wood
Gregg Grigg
Gregorson Grigarson
Gregory Gregor
Gregory Gregrey
Gregory Grigoroy
Gregoth Tregoth
Gregson Grigson
Greig Griggs
Greig Grieg
Grevatt Grevit
Grey Gray
Gribbel Gribett
Griffeth Griffice
Griffies Grifis
Griffin Grrin
Griffin Griffith
Griffin Griffiths
Griffis Griffin
Griffit Griffith
Griffithes Griffiths
Griffiths Griffith
Grigor Mcgrigor
Grimaldi Grimaldy
Grindley Grinley
Grindy Grundie
Grinnell Grunwell
Groopston Grubstrong
Grotburn Goldburn
Groundsell Grunsell
Groundstead Grounstead
Groundwater Grundwater
Grove Groves
Grumble Grumbly
Grunsell Groundsell
Gubby Guppy
Guerier Gurrier
Gullen Goolon
Gumerall Gumerston
Gumley Grumley
Gummerall Gumersall
Gunderson Gunnerson
Guthrie Guthery
Guynn Gwyn
Guynne Queen
Gwyn Gynn
Gwyther Gwythers


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