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English Danish
factory fabrik
factory worker fabriksarbejder
fall, be killed in war (to) falde, faldt
family familie
family book slægtsbog
family name slægtsnavn
family, lineage, relatives slægt
farm gaard
farm gaardbrug
farm hand (male) tjenestekarl
farm owner gaardejer
farmer bonde
farmer gaardbruger
farmer landmand
farmer, owner, independant gaardmand
farmer, resides at boelsmand
farmhouse stuehus
farming jordbrug
farms, homes gaarde
fate, lot, destiny lod
father fader, far
father far
father-in-law svigerfader
father-in-law svigerfader
father\'s father farfar
father\'s mother farmoder
father\'s mother farmor
favorite child, pet yndling
feast, festival, wedding festum (Latin)
February Februar
females, female gender kvindekjøn (køn)
females, female gender qvindekiøn
feudal overlord lensherre
fever feber
field mark
finding place findested
finish slutte
fire ild
first første
first name fornavn
fishdealer fiskehandler
fisherman fisker
flogging prygl
following tilvidere
foot fod
for final probate and distribution for endelig skifte og deling
for, at, before, by for
foreign country (ies) udlandet
forester, forest ranger skovfoged
forester (head), forest ranger (head) skovridere
former forrige
former, formerly forhenværende
foster child fosterbarn
foster child plejebarn
foster children fosterbørn
foster children plejebørn
foster daughter fosterdatter
foster daughter plejedatter
foster father plejefader
foster mother plejemoder
foster parents plejeforældre
foster son fostersøn
foster son plejesøn
found (was) befandtes
foundling (an abandoned infant) hittebarn
free gratis
freeholder frimand
Friday Fredag
from (or) in udi
from, by a (ab) (Latin)
from,off, since fra
full, complete fulde
furniture dealer møbelhandler


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