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English Danish
lady’s maid kammerjomfru
lady’s maid kammerpige
land registration matrikel
land, soil jord
last sidste
last will testamente
lately nylig
later senere
law lov
law of property (the) tingsret
lawyer jurist
lawyer, attorney advokat, sagfører
lawyer, attorney sagfører, advokat
leave forlade
leave, move from fraflytte
leave, resignation, departure afsked
left venstre
leg,bone, limb ben
legal retslig
legal, lawful lovlig
legally married ægteviede
legitimate, born in wedlock ægte, egte
lessee, tenant forpagter
let in, admit indlade
letter, correspondence brev
library bibliotek
life liv
lighthouse keeper fyrmester
little, small liden
live bor
live opholder
live at, home (to) bo
live, lived leve, levede
lived boede
livelihood erhverv
livelihood, trade næringsvej
living nulevende
living at the place nyfder ophold, nyder ophold
local lokal
local place name stednavn
lock keeper slusemester
locksman slusepasser
locksmith kleinsmed
long længe
Lord (the) Vor Herre
lord of the manor herremand
Lords day, Sunday, sabbath (the) dominica


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