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English Danish
maid, servant (female) tjenestepige
maiden, miss., not a peasant woman, virgin jomfru
maiden, virgin
main list hovedliste
male child drengebarn
males, male gender mandkjøn (køn)
man mand
man (the) manden
manager forvalter
manor hovedgaard
manual worker kropsarbejder
manual workers haandsarbejdere
many mange
map, short, card kort
March Marts
marital, conjugal ægteskabelig
market place, incorporated city købstad
marriage ægteskab
marriage (in first) første gang gift
marriage (of first) af første (lste) ægteskab
marriage (of) copulationis (Latin)
marriage ceremony bryllup
married conjugatus (Latin)
married copulerede
married copuleret
married gift, givt
married couple ægtefolk
married together sammenviede
mason murer
master (trade) mester
May Maj
mayor borgmester
me mig
measles mæslinger
meeting of heirs skiftesamling
men mænd
mentally deficient aandsvag
mentally ill sindssyg
merchant grosserer
merchant, storekeeper købman, købmand
merchant, trader handler
merchant, trader, salesman handelsmand
merchantman koffardiskib
met mødte
metric mile (10 kilometers) mil
midnight midnat
midwife jordmoder
military militær
military levying district lægd
military levying roll lægdsrulle
milkman mælkekusk
mill mølle
miller møller
millwright møllebygger
mindre, smaller than ringere
mine, my, mine min, mit
miner grubearbejder
miner minearbejder
minister, envoy gesandt
minor (not of age) umyndige
minute minut
miscarriage abort
miss., not a peasant woman frøken
mistress herskerinde
mistress maitresse
mistress, concubine frille
Monday Mandag
money penge
month maaned
month maaned
moor, bog mose
more, additional mere
morning formiddag
morning morgen
mother moder, mor
mother (the) moderen
mother-in-law svigermoder
mother\'s father morfader, morfar
mother\'s mother mormoder, mormor
move flytte
moving in indflytning
moving out udflytning
moving-in records tilgangsliste
moving-out record afgangsliste
mr. hr.
mrs., wife, lady, not a peasant women frue
municipality (community) commune
murder mord
musician musiker
musician, fiddler spillemand
muster rolls stambøger


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