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English Danish
page pagina (Latin)
page side
paid for betalt for
painter maler
parents forældre
parents (the) forældrene
parish pastorat
parish sogn, sogne
parish (of the) af sognet
parish (the) sognet
parish clerk, deacon degn
parish clerk, deacon (the) degnen
parish priest (the) sognepræsten
parish priest, clergyman, minister sognepræst
parishioner sognebarn
part del
part of collection del af samling
part, division, portion afdeling
paternal grandfather farfader
pauper fattiglem
pauper, welfare recipient almisselem
pedigree anetavle
pension pension
people folk
people living on a farm gaardbeboer
perhaps, maybe maaske
periodical tidsskrift
permission tilladelse
permit, let, allow to lade, lod
person concerned vedkommende
person who is leasing fæster
person, persons person, personer
persons, the people (the) personerne
pig gris
place (location) sted
place of residence opholdsted
plot of land parcel
ploughman, 500 kroner note plovmand
pneumonia lungebetændelse
policeman betjent
poor, indigent fattig
population (the) folketallet
population, inhabitants befolkning
porter, carrier drager
postman postbud
potter pottemager
preach prædike
pregnant gravida (Latin)
pregnant frugtsommelig
present fremstille
present nutid
present tilstede
present, give overrække
priest, the priest, clergyman, minister præst, præsten
prince prins
princess prinsesse
prison fængsel
prison tugthus
prisoner fange
probate skifte
probate record skifteprotokoll
proclamation proclamation
proper, due behørig
property, real estate ejendom
prove, demonstrate bevise
provide support aftægt
public offentlig
public office embede
public official embedsmand
publication of marriage, banns denunciatio (Latin)
publication of the banns til lysning
publish publicere
punish afstraffe


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