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English Danish
tailor skrædder
tall, high, hill høj
tanner garver
tax skat
tax collector rodemester
tax collector skatteopkræver
tea dealer tehandler
teacher lærer
teamster vognmand
tell fortælle
temporarily midlertidig
tenant lejer
tenant logerende
tenant farmer land boelsmand
tenant, renter inderste
tenant, renter indsidder
that, at, at
the, it, that (the) den, det
theirs, yours deres
them dem
therefore derfor
these disse
they were married, joined copulati sunt (Latin)
they, those, the de
this denne
this dette
those, who, which, that der
through gennem
through igennem
thrower-ceramic dreier-keramisk
Thursday Torsdag
thus saaledes
time tid
tinsmith blikkenslager
title titel
to, until, for, of, into til
tobacco worker tobaksarbejder
together sammen
together with tilligemed
tomorrow imorgen
totals summa (Latin)
town, city, village (the) byen
trade, handicraft haandværk
tradesman næringsdrivende
travel rejse
Trinity (the) treenigheden
tuberculosis tæring
Tuesday Tirsdag
tumor svulst
turner-lathe, lathe operator, turner dreier, drejer
twin tvilling
typhoid fever tyfus


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