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parents föräldrar
parish pastorat
parish socken
parish caretaker sexman
parish clerk klockare
parish constable fjärdingsman
parish minister kyrkoherde
parish minister pastor
parish office pastorsexpedition
parish register kyrkobok
parish register ministerialbok
parish, congregation församling
parsonage prästgård
paternal aunt faster
paternal grandfather farfar
paternal grandmother farmor
paternal uncle farbror
pauper fattighjon
pauper, person receiving social assistance fattighjon
pedigree chart antavla
Pentecost, Whitsunday pingst
perform förrätta
periodical tidskrift
permission, consent (to) samtycke
person of social standing ståndsperson
person receiving communion kommunikant
person receiving support after giving his estate to another fördelsman
person receiving support after giving his estate to another syting
person receiving support after giving his estate to another undantagsman kvinna
person supported by a parish district rotehjon
persons whose residence is not known obefintliga
pilfering snatteri
place ort
place ställe
place of birth födelseort
plague pest
pneumonia bröstfeber
pneumonia håll och stygn
pneumonia lunginflammation
pneumonia, consumption tärande sjukdom
poisoned förgiftad
poor fattig
poorhouse fattighus
population befolkning
possessions left after death kvarlåtenskap
posted banns lyst
potter krukmakare
preconfirmation roll (in Finland) barnbok
pregnant havande
presence närvaro
present närvarande
present at household examination (clerical survey) bevistat läsförhören
previous marriage förra giftet
previous, preceding föregående
profession, occupation yrke
progenitor stamfader
property egendom
protect bevaka
province landskap
provincial archive landsarkiv
punishment straff


FamilySearch. Genealogical Word List, Swedish. Family History Department, Salt Lake City, 1997


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