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Recent changes to the "How To" library include a new presentation on how to index overlays. View There is a link to the "How To" library on each project update page.


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Registrar's Number - Do not use the local registrar number. Unless the number is stamped, and preferable five digits, it's not the state number.

Nativity - Nativity indicates the place of birth.

Duplicate Image - Unless an image is pixel for pixel (absolutely) identical it should not be marked as a duplicate. If anything changes or even the image is lighter or darker it should not be marked a duplicate and should be indexed.

Notice of Removal - Mark as No Extractable Data.

Places Related to a War - Some of the records will list the death as Korea "Korean war" or Philippines or France, or another location somehow connected to a war. Please type what is written and the researcher will get to determine true place of death.

Two Stamped Certificate Numbers -  A certificate has two stamped numbers on the upper right hand corner. Use the higher number numerically.

Birth State or Country - Type the US state that was recorded. If no US state was recorded and a country of birth was, index the country in this field.  So if it’s a foreign country (such as Mexico) just index the country not the state, and if it’s a US state such as North Carolina index just the state name and not the name of the United States.

Birth Year Field Help - The field help has been clarified to include "Do not calculate the birth year."

Hispanic Names - If indexers are familiar with Spanish culture they can index names appropriately, however there is no way to instruct around this, short of cultural lessons.So the rule is our standard: Put the surname in the surname field and if you aren't sure if it is a given or surname, index it in the Given Names field.

Marital Status - - Unmarried is the same as single.

  - Tab past this field unless it contains a marital status.  Infant or child is not a marital status.

Birth City or County - Field Help:  "Type the name of the city or town where the individual was born. If no city or town was recorded and a birth county was, index the county in this field." Do not include the word county in this field.

Maiden Names - Please review slide 7 in the presentation for how to index maiden names.

Titles and Terms - Titles and terms are not indexed in this project.


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