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The center image links to the Wiki Support Fundamentals page.

Help:Support team <--- coordinate this link


Old wood help wanted sign 2.png has two teams specifically assigned to support the Wiki: FamilySearch Worldwide Support Tier 2 and Tier 3. The Tier 2 team helps with the majority of all the support processes and Tier 3 helps with the support processes that are more technical. Some of the Tier 2 team are represented on the following table
Wiki Supervisors Content Missionaries Support Missionaries Community Council Prior Missionaries
Danielle Iva Sandra Jane chair Rorie
Giuseppe LaVera (to be updated) Lynda
Caleb Rick Lee
Dawne Sharon Dennis
Tier Three Technical Ruth Charles Mark
Warren Claudia Myra Vickie
Marilyn Stephen
Special Volunteers Karen Barbara Former Council Members Ken
Jim L Bob Ian 2012-2013 Howard
James Former Members Kimberly
Joy Sandra K Diana
Bo Jeannette Robin
Carole aka Talkingweaver Lionel Ruth
Linda Blake

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The Wiki Support Global Missionaries

The Support Team members volunteer part-time. Some work from their own homes while others work from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Some missionaries work on adding content to the Wiki while others work on the more technical aspects of FamilySearch Research Wiki, including page design. This team is also assigned the necessary task of monitoring all pages within the Wiki for appropriate and relevant content.

The SL Wiki Support Missionaries

The Content Team work at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are also volunteer missionaries working part-time. This team designs and writes the content pages for the Research Wiki.

Supervisors and Technical Department

This group works for They keep both teams informed with the changes that happen internally within the company. They coordinate also with the Community Council that makes many of the major decisions about our Research Wiki. It is their task to bring the Research Wiki to all the countries in the world.

Historical Records Missionaries

list compiled July 2014
Revised December 2014

  • Horandm ... Dorothy Horan
  • TimothyNB ... NaDine Timothy
  • Hardybe ... Bethany Hardy
  • Jessicabarker11 ... Jessica Barker
  • Rosalie Davis ... rosdavis50
  • Sister Judith Price ... juprice1
  • Ariel Bean ... relbean
  • David Smith ... dwsmith2
  • Elder Douglas Cutter ... Douglasmichaelcu
  • Joseph LaFazia ... Biffmzc12
  • Elder John Stockman ... johnstockman
  • Elder George Perkins ..... grperkins
  • Sister Iva Perkins .... iperkins

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Thursday Meetings

Thumb Meeting.png


Mountain Time


Link to Meeting


Who Should



Support Missionaries and Supervisors

9:00 am

click to attend
993 612 976 997 507 838

  for Support Missionaries


Support Team Training Schedule

Support Team Training Tips


(agenda restricted to missionaries)

Wiki Community Meeting
(Support Focus)

10:00 am

click to attend
992 396 129

This Meeting has been discontinued, you are welcome to attend the Contributors Meeting held at 1PM MST the first Thursday of the month
Click here for Agenda

Contributors' Meeting
(Content Focus)

1:00 pm

click to attend
992 936 234

Anyone interested in adding Wiki Content
Click here for Agenda

Technical Meeting

2:00 pm

click to attend
993 776 346

Anyone with Sticky Wiki issues
Click here for Agenda

above table is also in FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/Current Support Work
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All Meetings

Other Meetings
Type of Meeting Link to Agenda Day of Week Time (MTN) Duration Meeting Number or passcode phone # link
FT Product Support Missionary training for FT and Salesforce Tues
(2nd Tues Devotional)
8:00 1 hr 994 837 733
Team Leads Only Yammer TL Notes (restricted to leads) Tues 1:30 1.5 hrs 998 781 869 1-855-537-4000
FT Product Support Missionary training for FT and SalesForce Weds
(every other)
2nd & 4th
8:00 1 hr 999 697 967
Wikitext and HTML Lessons Lesson One; Two; Three; Four; Five; Six; or Seven


starting April 2015

10:00 1.5 hrs 994 799 300 1-855-537-4000
Community Projects FamilySearch Wiki:Community Projects Meeting Weds 11:00 1 hr 991 637 135 1-855-537-4000
Knowledge Authoring every third Weds 1:00 1 hr 993 380 052 1-855-537-4000
Support Missionaries Only Yammer Notes (restricted to missionaries) Thurs 9:00 1.5 hr 993 612 976 997610109 997 507 838 1-855-537-4000
Support This Meeting has been discontinued, you are welcome to attend the Contributors Meeting held at 1PM MST the first Thursday of the month Thurs 10:00
Contributor Contributor Agendas Thurs 1:00 1 hr 992 936 234 1-855-537-4000
Tech Tech Agendas Thurs 2:00 1 hr 993 776 346 1-855-537-4000

1-801-240-9700 (Local / International)

1-855-537-4000 (U.S. or Canada Toll-Free)
To Schedule a Meeting

W3 schools

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Training Meetings

ABC Venn Diagram.png

Link to Agenda


Day of Week


Time (MTN)




Meeting Number or passcode


Phone Number



Wiki Projects Training Meeting Wednesday 11-12pm MST 1hr 991 637 135 1-801-240-9700

Another Waiting for work to be done picture.jpg
Missionary Training Lessons Mon Weds Fri
10:00 1.5 hrs 991 859 990 1-855-537-4000
Wikitext and HTML Lessons Lesson One; Two; Three; Four; Five; Six; or Seven Weds (Scheduled also for Mon/Fri- only held currently on Weds) 10:00 1.5 hrs 994 799 300 1-855-537-4000

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Police drawing.png

Recent Changes (restricted access - to those with reviewer rights)
Everyone...YES...this means YOU

Need points off your license? Take a refresher course? Help:Patrolling recent changes

Helpful Links while Patrolling or Creating Pages

Need to do a background check? Check out User Contributions
Maintenance Templates includes delete, merge, move, copyright issues, etc.
Common Wiki Fixes
References help
Common Wiki Fixes
Thumb Artist Palate resized.jpg

Help:Wikitext Cheatsheet
What's black and white and read all over? Answer: W3 schools
The official colors of FamilySearch

Broken links Spreadsheet [[1]]

Help:Magic words to make you seem really smart

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General Maintenance

Broom Icon (temporary sysop).svg.png
Work that can be done by anyone, regardless of their knowledge about the subject matter of the articles in question.
 v  d  e            Resources for general maintenance and collaboration
Title (click for report)
to fix



Dead links 2
How to
Ambiguous page title 2
2 How to
Requested moves 2
How to
Duplication/merging 3
How to
Archive Requests 3
0 How to
External links that should be internal

How to
Miscellaneous 2-4
How to



Broken redirects 2

How to
Double redirects 2

How to
All redirects **
How to

Stub Sorting

Stub Sorting)

Stub articles to sort 2
13 How to
Short pages
("0 byte" pages - priority 2
All others - priority not set)
How to
Pages with the fewest revisions **
How to
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Content Maintenance

Filing Needed.png
Work that needs some knowledge about or research into the subject matter of the articles in question.

Note:When categorizing, reset to 20 so your pages load faster
List of Categories at Special:Categories
 v  d  e            Resources for content maintenance and collaboration
(requiring some knowledge or study about the subject matter)
Title (click for report)
to fix


Out-of-date information 2
15 How to
Citations needed (statements) 3
How to
Citations needed (articles) 3
How to
Orphaned Pages 3
How to
Oldest Pages 4
How to
Long Pages 4
How to
Dead-end Pages 4
0 How to


(About Categorization)

To be determined 2 0 How to
Uncategorized pages 2
How to
Uncategorized categories

How to
Very large categories 4
0 How to
Uncategorized files 5

How to
Uncategorized templates

How to
Wanted categories

How to
Unused categories

How to
Content Needed
Stub articles by region

How to
Wanted Pages 2-4

How to
Wanted Files 5

How to
Wanted Templates 5

How to
Unused Files 4

How to
Unused Templates 4

How to

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Schedule formerly found at FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/To Do as Scheduled
Spring 2015 Missionary Team Assignments (restricted access for missionaries only) **

Patron Requests

Mix Flowers.JPG
Submit Wiki Content (restricted access - to those who work on adding content from this doc)

Prayer/Thought Assignments for team lead meeting (restricted to team lead members)

Salesforce Knowledge articles (Wiki related) (restricted access to those with Salesforce access)

Salesforce or use SSO (both have restricted access)
Call Tech Support if having access issues Salesforce (Tech Support 855-537-4357) #3,#1
Salesforce is the current product (2015) in use for patron requests that come in via chat, phone, email.

Get Satisfaction  xxxxxx
Image upload icon40.png

Upload images

(Reviewer rights required)

Help:Uploading images and files
Image Approval for Non-English Wikis

Contributor Connections

Blue Team.jpg


Welcoming Committee.JPG
LaVera, Lead

Marilyn's Assignment tools for Welcoming and lessons
Supporting Active Users (Google doc - restricted access for those working with new contributors)
Welcoming Committee
Active users list Special:ActiveUsers

Some alternative welcomes can be found on LeeDrew's Sandbox page
If you really want to be creative - get a list of ALL users at User List
or see the Special:Statistics page


Lab Pups.jpg
LaVera's Assignment
Websites for Moderators:
Google Doc Wiki Moderators (restricted access for those working with Wiki page moderators)
FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator
FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator Approval Procedures
FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator Lists who signed up
FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator Retention
FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator Responsibilities
FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator/Getting Started
prior discussions on moderators/adopters can be found on
FamilySearch Wiki:Community Dialogue Summary/Adoption And Moderation


Adopt sign top.png

LaVera's assignment: Help:Adopt-a-page, Adopt-A-Wiki Page: Example Page,FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Adopt-a-page,, Template:Adopt-a-page, FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Adopt-a-page/Setup and Google Doc:Wiki Adoptions (restricted access for those working with Wiki page adopters)


Contributor's Quick Start

New Contributor Lessons (click on hub)

Community Council interactions
FamilySearch Wiki:Administrators
Help:Contributor Help

Advanced Maintenance and Technical Issues

Filing cabinet.png

Work that needs additional rights or specialized knowledge to fix.
Special:Replace Text is available to administrators ONLY
Sandra, LaVera, and Charles' Assignments

Category:FamilySearch Wiki maintenance

 v  d  e        Resources for admininistrative maintenance & collaboration
(requiring additional rights or specialized knowledge)
Title (click for report)
to fix
Governance Patrolling new pages 1
How to
Patrolling recent changes 
(Talk page changes - priority 2;
Other changes - priority 3)
How to
Contributors looking for help 1 2
Unresolved discussions 2 5
Articles with content outside wiki scope 2 0 How to
Neutrality disputes 2 0 How to
Copyright problems 2 0 How to


(About Deletion)

Urgent requests 1 0 How to
Deletion requests 3-4 0 How to
Other Too many expensive parser function calls  ? 3 How to

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possible project Category:Files_requiring_renaming


Sometimes its nice to see what's being hit: see the Special:Statistics page.

Projects needing help.png

Locations and Topics

List of all US Counties

Help page cleanup


Wiki_Projects This page lists who is currently doing what.

Responsibilities and Projects is the some of the fine print for those that work in Wiki Support.

Red Links


Broken Links

Google Doc Sheet Broken Links (request access from a team lead)

Working with Pages

Working with Sidebars - Help:Sidebar
Gallery of new files Special:NewFiles
Try editing outside of the Wiki in W3 schools

Lee Drew Sandbox page which has lots of wiki edit help

Overview of the Wiki for Missionaries at FamilySearch Wiki:An Overview of the Wiki for Missionaries

Support Team Training Schedule

Support Team Training Schedule

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FamilySearch Web Reference (some links have restricted access)

Wiki Weekly Maintenance Report   Jan-Mar   April-June   July-Sept   Oct-Dec
FamilySearch Wiki:Weekly Report/How to
Blank Missionary Timesheet (restricted access)

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Learning Center

Contributor's Quick Start

Contributor's Quick Start

Click on the HUB or Find similar pages that have this information:

Help:Practice editing in your Sandbox
Help Wanted on the Wiki Wiki Editor Training
FamilySearch Wiki:Welcoming committee/Welcome to FamilySearch Wiki
Category:FamilySearch Wiki Training includes many pages with more details

Training Meetings

ABC Venn Diagram.png

Link to Agenda


Day of Week


Time (MTN)




Meeting Number or passcode


Phone Number



Wikitext Only Wikitext - Lesson One not currently held Wikitext - Lesson Two not currently held Wikitext - Lesson Three not currently held

Another Waiting for work to be done picture.jpg
Missionary Training Lessons Mon Weds Fri
will resume as needed
10:00 1.5 hrs 997 287 020 see below 424229 Host Key
Wikitext and HTML Lessons Lesson One; Two; Three; Four; Five; Six; or Seven Weds (next class starts 1 April 2015) 10:00 1.5 hrs 994 799 300 see below 572758 Host Key

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Talk with Us


Nuvola apps kopete.png
Each of us has a work email account which we can access at OWA

Skype and Yammer

To talk to each other across the miles, we use both Skype and Yammer. Sometime during 2015 we will be switching over to another program.

User Pages

To speak with one of our team directly, click on one of the support team userpage pages and email us. To do that, here are the directions: look in the right sidebar, in the section called "toolbox" there is a link for "Email this User". Contact anyone on our team and we can set you up with our most recent communication tool.

Talk Pages

Other ways to communicate among ourselves is through the individual Talk pages that are available on every wiki page. If you have a comment about a particular page, make an edit on the "Talk" tab (found on the upper left of the page). To learn more, go to Help:Talk Pages

Make Content Changes

If you want to submit content for the Wiki, in the right sidebar, under the Volunteer section, is a link called "Submit Wiki Content". Another option is by using the "Get Help" function, which is at the top of every FamilySearch page. Currently the Support team does not answer any phone or chats, but we do respond to emails that are forwarded to us using this avenue.


Several templates are available to place on pages - (the 'helpme' image on this page is for display purposes only)

Submit Forms

{{Submit Forms}}
Nuvola apps kopete.png
Have comments or fixes to report
Use Feedback. the talk page or submit form
Your voice is important to us

This links to a spreadsheet where people can suggest content to be added to a page.

Submit Content

{{Submit content}}
This opens the page "Submit content" for people to add whatever they want, and the support or content team can work with the submission.

Help me

image is for display only
Question.png I am looking for help!
Note to helpers: Once you have offered help, please replace this template with {{Helpme-helped}}.

This template placed on a page signals someone else on the team that Help is needed. This template is placed only on talk pages where a discussion can take place without affecting the main topic page.

Another source for help is to go to FamilySearch then go to top right of that page and click on get help.

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Wiki Tips

Collection of tips for the wiki

How to Create an Infobox


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